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the facilities & services

Steam Room, Finnish Sauna with starlights, Jacuzzi & Sauna, Cafe, Secure lockers - bring a pound coin to use them (returned after use), private cabins & video room, lounge.


hot hub
steam room
changing room
video rooms
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the opening times

Monday & Tuesday 10am - 2pm - 11pm.
Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 11pm.
Friday 10am - 2pm - 8am.
Saturday 8am - 2pm - 8am. Sunday 8am - 6pm.

the prices

Price varies on time of day, from £8.50 - £13.
£5 For students all day every day.

the description

Come and unwind in the relaxed atmosphere at H2O Sauna - the perfect chillout. The staff are friendly and you are sure of a warm welcome in clean facilities. Our sauna is gay owned and gay run.

the contact info

38 Sackville Street


M1 3WA


01612 363 876

from the sauna

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SkunkBEAR posted a comment.

Visit for the first time in a couple of years, apparently the venue has had a "refurbishment". In reality they have made it even smaller, removed all the private cabins, no locks in booths, hardly anywhere to sit down. hot tub broken (it has been broken for years a local friend told me), dangerous steps up and down almost invisible due to poor lighting, no atmosphere, no music or sound, whole complex cold throughout, steam room cold ,staff miserable, toilets stunk of sewage. awful place will never come back and this place should be avoided like the plague. NO private cabins. Three other customers in on a Saturday afternoon! most of which were rather frightening or face down with their legs in the air. Completely ruined our day out. By the way - it's been renamed "BASE". A customer died in tragically a few years ago, not sure of the story exactly but I reckon it was of boredom. Sorry.

best thing: We stayed 15 minutes and thankfully hadn't had to travel too far to escape.
worst thing: It's a waste space, considering the small size and location. not a suitable venue for a gay sauna. Better as a small men only cruise bar.
reviewed on Jan 27, 2017
atsd posted a comment.

Very unclean, place falling apart. Empty even at peak times. Wasted our time and money. Never again.

reviewed on Feb 17, 2016
SKIPPY HOPPY 89 posted a comment.

I would just like to say I few lovley things about this particular sauna and the main first thing I can say that it is an excellent warm welcoming venue the staff always polite and sweet the venue itself is relaxing warm peaceful and my personal favourite feeling soothing I would gladly recommend this venue to any GAY guy's in the united kingdom area and to compleatly assure them that it's a lovley place to go for when you feel the need to unwind and relax

reviewed on Jan 04, 2016
ride-on-my-junk posted a comment.

Out of the 2 central Manchester saunas this is by far the better of the two. No attitude, warm and welcoming. It has an excellent spa which is fun and therapeutic. I like the porno lounge as well and the chill out area is very friendly. If not two busy the staff do not mind if you fall asleep but it is to be understood that if busy and the rest rooms are needed for some action then it is required to wake up and give up the room. Only downside to this sauna is it just dosen't get busy enough to make the admission fee worth spending. If this sauna get busier and starts to attract more guests I would definitely give it a 10 star, but I give it 6 based on the fact it just is not busy enough (even over pride).

reviewed on Oct 18, 2014
Bighairy posted a comment.

Clean and friendly, and fairly busy. I got my bits felt by several people and washed a couple of strangers in the showers. Staff nice, and found me a bigger towel because4 I needed one. Videos showing unsubtle and coarse rather than erotic. drinks and food good value.

reviewed on May 19, 2013