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Sauna, Steam, Spa, Solarium, Large communal rest rooms, 10 Large private rest rooms, communal showers, Large relaxing lounge areas complete with satellite TV and complimentary daily & gay newspapers. Same day re-entry.


hot tub
steam room
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sun bed
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Sunday - Thursday 12 noon to 9pm
Friday - Saturday 12 noon - 10pm

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At Pink Broadway we aim to provide you with a friendly relaxed atmosphere where nothing is too much trouble, and cater for your every need. When you visit you will be welcomed by a member of staff who will show you around and ensure you have everything you need. If you require further assistance we are always on hand to help.

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79/80 East Street


SO14 3HQ

02380 238 804

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BasingGay posted a comment.

In my opinion the best gay sauna in the UK.
What makes this place so special to me are the staff - they are always so helpful, friendly and busy. You can always find at least one staff member cleaning the place - which again is the other main reason I like this place, it’s spotlessly clean.
On the main level there’s a welcoming reception in the lounge area where you can chill, drink, eat, socialise and watch the big screen TVs, usually playing a film.
Then you have the jacuzzi, large enough for 5, with a TV screen again. Then showers, toilets, 2 big saunas and a steam room. Upstairs a set of glory holes, sling, dark areas, private rooms and a porn room.
As I was commenting, it is so clean. Usually there is at least one member of staff cleaning - as you leave a room have had some fun, they’re usually to be found popping in after you to clean down the surfaces. All their rooms are wipe-clean leatherette. It’s also worth saying the the heating is always on here too, so it’s nice and warm which is important as you’re only wearing a towel.
So if you’re looking for some fun while you’re in the South of England, come for a warm welcome and enjoy your day here.

best thing: The staff
worst thing: Parking ( a few on-street bays but only 2 hour max and you have to pay) otherwise park in local multi-storey
reviewed on Dec 02, 2019
paul89 posted a comment.

This pace should be closed down. Shocking what goes on inside. Went in to use the Sauna, had old men following me and making sexual suggestions, then the owner came into the saunna and was getting upto allsorts with a customer.. disgusting... close it

best thing: Nothing
worst thing: Full of dirty old men
reviewed on Oct 26, 2017
exaussiepaul posted a comment.

Saturday afternoon 7th October Wow ! this was the first time I've ever been to a sauna in my life.... and wow ! The staff were wonderful, very friendly,The atmosphere of the place is totally relaxed, the sauna was great, the showers were great, the communal rooms were a real turn on!, the private rooms were comfortable. I had a really enjoyable experience and will return without hesitation :-) Thank you Pink Broadway !!

best thing: Just being there !
worst thing: Not being there !!
reviewed on Oct 08, 2017
Hornblower posted a comment.

This establishment is very well run very clean and the staff are very friendly the food is delicious and I would recommend to anyone to go to the sauna and experience the pink for brain for themselves I promise you you won't be disappointed.

best thing: The hospitality.
worst thing: Having to come home.
reviewed on Sep 30, 2017
Curiousnewbie14 posted a comment.

I had a really good time today, I only spent an hour in there, I would have spent longer if I had time. As a first time customer and a curious man at that, everyone was lovely and I had one of the best BJ's I've had in years! For someone who is very curious about his sexuality, it was great fun and I am craving cock more than ever now! Maybe next time I go, I'll venture out of the glory hole room and see what will happen! I sucked some amazing dick today, and I'm growing thinking about it right now! The only thing I can say, make sure you lock the door properly in the glory hole room, I had a couple of guys caress my body whilst I was sucking someone off, it was a bit un nerving and creepy, but as soon as I got used to it it felt amazing. Hopefully next time, I'll go into a private room with someone and they could explore my body.

best thing: The whole vibe
worst thing: Between Parking and not locking the gh door.
reviewed on Feb 12, 2017
Itsonlyjames posted a comment.

First time at Pink Broadway and I was immediately impressed with it. Upon arrival, the (cute) guy behind the counter took the time to explain the set up to me and took me to the changing rooms. The clientele immediately seemed older than I (I'm 32) but polite nonetheless. Walking through the double doors the shower area was clean and all in good working order. I decided to go straight upstairs to the play area, which was effectively a long corridor of private rooms leading to a dark room. In the dark room there was a lot going on, but I decided to have a walk down the corridor to see what happened. There I met a hunky Asian guy who took me into a private room and had me fuck him until he came. Finishing up, I wandered down to the glory hole area where a sexy bottom was waiting to be fucked on the sling. I soon obliged until I was caressed by an older gentleman who took me in his mouth and led me to a private room where he fucked me until I came. Great first experience! Would definitely go again.

best thing: It feels very welcoming
worst thing: Quite a few older guys; 'might not be everyone's cup of tea
reviewed on Jan 02, 2017
sardie344 posted a comment.


best thing: NOTHING
worst thing: BIG FAT BALD CUNT
reviewed on Aug 17, 2016
tinty1 posted a comment.

i still like this suana but beware.Over heard a conversation with a member of staff and a patron.I was horrified when i heard this.This member of staff said to the customer that sometimes he and his mate liked to give the ugly clients std's so they wont come back.That is really bad and very stupid. Obvisouly they dont play it safe.
If you go there just be careful but its a shame as this is one my favorite saunas.

best thing: Its run well
worst thing: Stupid things
reviewed on Jul 22, 2016
pinkyboybrian posted a comment.

BEWARE... be very careful of this sauna as they are not at all discreet... its the sort of outfit where if you go in there everyone will know about it. be warned...

reviewed on Feb 15, 2015
Pontius posted a comment.

I have been to PBW several times over the last few years and have always had a good time there. Staff are always friendly and unobtrusive.
There is a good variety of rooms for one on one action. For group action try the big room right at the far end of the top floor. Condoms and lube are easily available, which is something you don't get everywhere these days.

reviewed on Nov 14, 2013
archerymarc posted a comment.

well went to my favorite sauna today and wow what a great time i had,was used both in many ways and took some large cock,a great pleasure received and thanks to all,cant forget the the staff that were very helpful as always and kepted the place clean,as for me i cant wait till my next time

reviewed on Oct 31, 2013
marc posted a comment.

once again i went to my favorite place and as usual was fantastic along with the facilities that are always clean and well kept together always and for me i had a great time so credit to you all

reviewed on Aug 06, 2013
rich posted a comment.

very friendly clean place. had a really good time with the mixed crowd there! will return when in the area!

reviewed on Aug 05, 2013
Marc posted a comment.

pink broadway is tops!in every sence great friendly staff, fantastic facilities,always clean and well kept together. ive been going there for sometime now and i always have a great relaxing time, of course it varies from day to day with what type of guys are going to be in but,today who ever you were,i had a great time and now need a well earned rest,so there you have it, Pink Broardway always delivers and for me i always have great sex there, from my experience everyone who goes there is friendly nothing contrived just great fun! a very well done for making my days better for visiting a definite 10/10 from me!.until next time

reviewed on Jul 24, 2013
Ian posted a comment.

what a great place to go!!
if any guys are reading this interested in engaging in a monks chain/daisychain!!whatever you want to call it then be at the pbw tues 23rd at 330pm and lets make it happen, its a cool place to be so always gets a 10 out of 10 so come on guys lets make it happen!! we need about 6 of us but more the merrier as they say hope to see you all tuesday xx well done pink broadway

reviewed on Jul 17, 2013
rob posted a comment.

wow what a nice clean place to go,
great staff too.,
i had some great c*ck sucking upstairs and even got f*cked bareback in the sling with a nice big thick c*ck and heavy balls mmmm i could feel his thick load squirting up me!!! more of the same please a definate 10 out of 10

reviewed on Jul 06, 2013
gizzy posted a comment.

first time visit, and have to say i was suitably impressed, the staff were very friendly and welcomed me in.
the facilities are very good the two saunas are spot on and loved the steam room, ventured up stairs for a little fun and there was a good mix of guys playing
i have to say its cleaner than some and in the few hours i was there the was always a staff member cleaning
the only down point was that the glory holes area isnt lockable cubicles, and as im a bit of a gloryhole slut it let me down would visit again

reviewed on Jun 29, 2013
Sub Tony posted a comment.

Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I tried the sling for the first time on my last visit and had a fantastic time being shagged by the few guys, and happily being serviced at both ends. Must say cannot wait to go back. I know such a slut,but a very,very happy one. Rate a 10 out of 10.

reviewed on Jun 17, 2013
Tony posted a comment.

In spite of my age, it was the first time I have ever been to a sauna. I was taken there by a young man who obviously didn't want to share me with anyone else because he quickly took me up to one of the private rooms to give me a good seeing to, then down to the showers. We then watched some porn in video lounge for a short time before taking me back up to the private room for another seeing to, followed by another shower. It was only after reading all your reviews that I discovered what else I could have enjoyed doing, and all I can say is that I can't wait to return on my own one day. I was very impressed with both the place and the friendly staff.

reviewed on Jun 05, 2013
Sam posted a comment.

I went to the The village Sauna a few weeks back and had a great time! Although i was the youngest there aged 18, everyone else was at least 30+ but they were very grateful to have a keen young lad there. I enjoyed myself so much i stayed for about 6 hours and I must of had at least 15 dicks inside me and my oh my a lot of cum. Had to go home as i milked all the old bears dry! Great fun! Did end up spending more on condoms than I did to get in lol

reviewed on Apr 09, 2013
Sam posted a comment.

If you're into old bears then this is the place for you, full of old hairy men which I as 18 year old hairless twink love a nice big bear. After entering and going straight to the sauna I was instantly approached by many older larger men which was great! The first guy i sat next to in the sauna instantly went in to kiss me as he could probably see i was already hard, he then picked me up and sat me on top of him in cowgirl posistion, we kissed until he was hard and he then lifted me up with my legs wrapped around his waist and carried me to the cubicles where he f*cked me sooo hard. Although this was great fun, he was quite rude, after f*cking me he pulled out and cummed on my face, then spat on me and called me a disgusting little cum slut and left the premises. Although this was probably just a one off individual and the next 8 guys that f*cked me that day were a lot nicer

reviewed on Apr 09, 2013
paul posted a comment.

A nice place in all. The lounge area is comfy with a big tv. Staff have been friendly and helpful every time I have been. Just wish the cubicles were more comfy to play in. Also more lighting would go amiss. Be nice to see my friend as I'm playing with him. Does anyone know if you can do ANYTHING in the hot tub? there was a sign up saying no sex but don't think it is up now. Do they mean just f*cking and cum in the water? so can we kiss and suck and rim out of the water?

reviewed on Apr 07, 2013
Mark posted a comment.

Once again i went to the Southampton sauna,and today used the sling,wow what a exsprience,got used i guess about 10 times by a varied lot of gentlemen that crowed round,so my rating for today is a impressive 10 out of 10 again,cheers for a great afternoon.
cheers see you again soon

reviewed on Apr 05, 2013
John smith posted a comment.

Have been here about three times now, each time with a friend for some quality 'guy' time. Found the whole underground aspect of the place a bit odd. Felt like a strange dungeon with the stone floors and factory like industrial plastic flaps separating the sauna from the rest of the place. However, found the pool great. Deep enough and big enough to splash around in. Sauna is huge, big enough to accomodate a rugby squad (I wish!) and the steam room was, very steamy. You have to look hard for anyone lurking in the corners. The private booths are odd sizes and the largest one has a stable-type door that you have to climb into and straight onto the vinyl mattress. Glad towels, lube and condoms were already in the lockers. Clientele seems to be mostly older guys, probably skipping lunch for a quick meet up. Would go again, perhaps when the ambient temperature is generally warmer.

reviewed on Apr 05, 2013
Mark posted a comment.

Went to pink broadway today for the first time and is top of my list and with great friendly staff it was fantastic with great facilities that are very clean and well kept together.i had a relaxing time, and suppose it varies from day to day but the guys today that i met were very friendly and from what i have seen my experience with everyone was great fun! a very well done for making my day better for my first visit and not the last a definate 10/10 from me!.

reviewed on Apr 04, 2013
Adrian posted a comment.

Welcoming and very clean.
Well maintained throughout, plenty of lube and condoms available. Nice Jacuzzi,
Two Saunas plenty of action in each and a steam room that can be a great place to Suck some c*ck.
Powerful Showers, well placed for showing of in, action in here as well sometimes!!
Plenty of Private Rooms up the Stairs, some with mirrors and viewing windows.
Nice sling and just the right height for Me to give a good shafting to anyone in it, thanks!!!
Plenty of Gloryholes and a big dark area at the end of the corridor, nice!!!!
Video lounge with banked seating.
Plenty of Guys at any time, nice atmosphere.
Well worth a visit, best in the Country in My humble option.

reviewed on Feb 04, 2013
Glenn posted a comment.

pink broadway is tops! great friendly staff, fantastic facilites,always clean and well kept together. ive personally have been going there for many years now and i always have a great relaxing time, of course it varies from day to day what type of guys are going to be in but ive always had some great sex there, from my experience everyone who goes there is friendly nothing contrived just great fun! a very well done for making my days better for visiting a definate 10/10 from me!.

reviewed on Dec 07, 2012
Ian posted a comment.

I have been to the PBW on many occasions in the last 5 years & have always found it clean and very nice, upstairs is great for hot action of which ive had the plesure of swallowing many a big cumload, & long may it continue.

reviewed on Aug 06, 2012