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Steam Maze, play spaces, foam parties every Saturday night, heated smoking area, 2 Cedar-line saunas, 40 man steam room with bucket shower, 14 man custom jacuzzi, 2 hot rooms, video lounge with 42inch plasma screen, large chillout lounge with coffee bar and a labyrinth of private rest rooms.


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Includes full access to the gym and the sauna.
24 hr Pass - £17.
48 hr Pass - £19.
Weekly Pass - £29.
25 & Under - £10.

the description

We'll leave it to other saunas to boast about how big they are, how many lockers yada yada...

At Sweatbox we're proud to be by far and away the BUSIEST.

Located just a stones throw from all the gay bars and clubs of Soho, Sweatbox is regularly bulging over with boys who are every bit as hot and steamy as our saunas and steam rooms.

London is the gay capital of the world right now, Soho is its centre and Sweatbox is it's uninhibited playground.

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Ramillies House

1-2 Ramillies Street





02032 146 014

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011Rs posted a comment.


I had been to this place a over a year ago and it was a foam party night. I had the best time and thought highly of the place having only been once. I went however last weekend and it was terrible. They don’t do foam parties anymore which is a shame but not a huge loss.

The reason I would not recommend to go is how poor the facilities have got. The price is not cheap to get in a yet the facilities are appalling and falling apart. Their is no porn shown any were anymore. The cinema room has gone and were a tv use to be is ripped of the wall and all the small screens dotted about just show a logo of the sauna.

All that is left in the sauna is cubicles and most of them have doors broken. You do have the sauna upstairs and steam rooms but seriously it’s not worth going especially when you consider the pleasured Rome is near by which is cheaper and far more superior in quality and service.

best thing: It does have a gym as well
worst thing: The facilities are horrendous and yet they charge you about £17 to get in there. I can’t stress enough how much you should avoid this place.
reviewed on Mar 15, 2018
SkunkBEAR posted a comment.

Maybe this is because I'm not from London, and this was 3am on a Saturday night? The place was busy, mostly a younger, student crowd, all seemed like they'd been to a club and this was the last chance saloon. There was no air conditioning, even the showers and "hot tub" were boiling hot. It was a little nauseating.

Most people seemed to be wandering about in little groups, and absolutely no one seemed interested in cruising or having sex, I didn't see any of that at all even in the public areas. Went into the "lounge" area to purchase a bottle of water. Waited 30 mins, rang the bell several times but staff blatantly ignoring me and others in need of a drink whilst they helped themselves to some and chatted on their phones.

This is a place called "sweatbox after all"! I noticed a drinking fountain in the locker rooms but it was broken. Apparently they have had some trouble with GHB in the venue so are paranoid about anyone carrying a bottle of water outside the lounge, if you can even get one.

I was so annoyed I decided to leave at this point and warn others what a terrible experience I had. So disappointing. As I left one of the staff on the main desk had the cheek to ask me for a cigarette, and one for his co-worker (who couldn't speak a word of English) the same staff who couldn't be bothered to get their customers a bottle of water.

best thing: Open 24 Hour, very central location, fair pass-out policy, great steam room
worst thing: Staff SO rude, no refreshments, cheap flimsy towels, unfriendly atmosphere
reviewed on Jan 27, 2017
camguy29 posted a comment.

I had a great time here, sucked loads of cock and got fucked by a dozen guys.

best thing: Got double penetrated
worst thing: Need waterproof lube
reviewed on Apr 17, 2016
ride-on-my-junk posted a comment.

I have been here many times and I do like it, plenty of guys and lots of fun at the weekends, especially over London Pride weekend. However over Pride 2014 they were not issuing the pass outs and rather than have to pay each time I ended up in Pleasuredome and had a better time over pride. Not saying I won't go back but am going to use another sauna for a while as I have felt it not as good as it used to be and needs some minor attention to detail like condom and lube buckets in the cabins to encourage safe sex as I found there was a lot of unsafe sex on offer.

reviewed on Oct 18, 2014
Duncan posted a comment.

Central, discreet, clean, fun!
A great venue with a good maze and variety of paraphenalia available (slings etc.)
Only criticism would be that when I went the shower facilities were smelly and didn't seem very clean!

reviewed on May 28, 2013