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Steam Room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Large Screen, Cinema, Rest Rooms, TV & Coffee Lounge.


hot hub
steam room
changing room
video rooms
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Monday - Thursday 12pm - 11pm.
Friday - Saturday 12pm - 12am.
Sunday 12pm - 11pm.

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In a discreet location in Birminghams Gay Village, Unit 2 is a wonderful place to relax in comfort and style.

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78 Lower Essex Street


B5 6SN


01216 227 070

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Hairy__Bear posted a comment.

I was surprised. From the outside you would think this is just another sleazy outfit in a rundown part of a big city. But I was attending the Fabulous Birmingham Bizarre Bazar just round the corner and had time for a quick soak and steam. So with my mind expecting another disappointment I stepped inside and was greeted with a pleasant explanation of the facilities and was asked my shoe size. OK, size 9 please, and was given some slippers to wear...and a key to my locker. I can only remember 1 other Sauna that offers free flip flops, most unusual and very nice. The whole place is spotless, well decorated and immaculate. You would never expect that from the outside. 2 steam rooms, a Finnish Sauna, a large(ish) jacuzzi with no scum! double showers, cruising maze and cinema. OK the porno was a bit 'vanilla' with guys facial expressions and lovey dovey looks, not my bag. It would be nice to have a second more raunchy screen in one of the other side rooms showing cocks and groups having fun, that's what we want as well. A nice lounge to relax and have refreshments is at the front. So very surprised and delighted to find such a gem, and will certainly go again when attending the local area.

best thing: It is well decorated and absolutely spotless.
worst thing: Nothing
reviewed on Oct 22, 2017
dashizzle posted a comment.

This was my first visit to a sauna. Deliberately arrived shortly after opening time to get my bearings while it was quiet. and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of facilities and cleanliness. I settled in the jacuzzi and within moments a large Asian man joined me in there and began feeling me up. We went to a quiet room and I blowed him until he came in my mouth. When we went back out, the place was much busier. In the steam room a young guy got very aggresive that I should go off with him, but I was enjoing some group fun and told him to do one. Eventually it took three of us to force him out the room - he was a complete tool and stank with it. I went to the cinema where another Asian man asked if I wanted to give him anal. I told him no but an elderly gent insisted I should, and promised to make it worth my while. Thinking I was on for a threeway we reteated to a private room, but the old man just rubbed me uncomfortably to the point where I couldn't remain hard, so he tossed off the Asian guy. I went back to the Sauna, where there was a very fit black guy. We went to a room and gave each other oral before I asked him to give me anal - gently as he was huge. He ignored my request and pounded me senseless, but unfortunately threw the condom in the bin before I could drink the contents of it. When I came out the annoying old guy started tossing me off in the shower. I left but he followed me round. I repeatedly told him I didnt want a hand job but got fed up with having to try and hide from him and let him wank me off. I left disappointed with myself.

best thing: The facilities
worst thing: Some of the clientelle are idiots
reviewed on Sep 24, 2017
Neil B posted a comment.

On my arrival I was greeted by Trevor who was very accommodating he told me he loved my sissy maid’s outfit so he tapped my bare bottom which instantly made me hard ;)
The first person I bumped into was a well hung strapping west Indian called Winston he instantly dragged me into the gloryhole and rammed his hard throbbing cock up my arse, without any lubricant which brought a tear to my eye. Whilst I was getting aggressively buggered, a small Asian twink came into the room and bent over in front of me so I rimmed his arsehole. This all lasted for a good 30 minutes. I then spent the majority of my evening with those men, but we wanted more sex. So we found 2 Muslim men who decided to double penetrate my arsehole, during this I sucked off Winston and the small Asian twink masturbated, they all took turns jazzing all over my face. This was the last I saw of those men all evening. Just as I was leaving a group of old white males aged above their 50s asked to watch me masturbate and spunk in one of their mouths so they could cum swap, unfortunately I was all bummed out.
Overall I really enjoyed my time here apart from the bus journey home my arse was really sore, but well worth the visit highly recommend 10/10

best thing: The Sex
worst thing: My sore arse
reviewed on Jul 05, 2017
Queergayaberdeen posted a comment.

I met my friend from Mosely and he took me here for a pint of Guinness and a chat as we both met living in the Netherlands. They didn't have Guinness as far as I could tell and we went directly to a small jacuzzi that had no water in it but 3 guys buggering aggressively.
We went to another room and met some friendly men from the Congo and they had extremely massive tools.
Saw an old man taking a shit and got sucked off while my friend called his wife.
Good place.

reviewed on Oct 15, 2015
paul posted a comment.

Have been a couple of times now. Staff very friendly and helpful, plenty of towels when you want them. The place is kept spotless by the staff. The only negative is the size of the 'beds' in the rooms, singles!
Not quite sure what some people are moaning about regarding numbers, how many cocks do you want!

reviewed on Jul 07, 2015
Adam posted a comment.

Dont know where these other guys went! Its tiny, floors are lethal, and so quiet!

Granted I went mid week but it was lunch time so would have thought it would have been kind of busy.

Wont go out my way to go back!

reviewed on Aug 15, 2013
Ajay posted a comment.

I been there, so nice, but I love only old men, I'm going to 19th June I wish getting more older men about 50-60

reviewed on Jun 08, 2013
Dev posted a comment.

Been there, very nice sauna, every one was friendly , but love daddy!! Wish meet nice daddy next time,

reviewed on Jun 08, 2013
Tony posted a comment.

Excellent sauna very friendly staff, clean always and get's quite busy. Have been on a number of occasions and always had a good time. Now has free internet access as well.

reviewed on Jun 01, 2013
Mike posted a comment.

II went last week in the early evening and was surprised by how many guys were there. It was very clean and I had lots of fun Cannot wait to go again.

reviewed on Apr 12, 2013
Brian posted a comment.

I went on a Monday. Outside looked deserted so I phoned to check there were people in. They said yes so in I went. Nice and clean. A good place to go. I had plenty of fun. My only complaints were there are plenty of showers but some guys really smell of BO. I like my men clean! Also 1 towel is not great at the end of a good hard session

reviewed on Sep 22, 2012
William posted a comment.

I went there on a friday evening. It was very quiet . with only 5 people including me.. and many of them are over 50 the most good looking is the staff but they are not playing with customers and maybe not gay it was a boring place but clean n tidy

reviewed on Aug 14, 2012
cameron posted a comment.

Been here twice now and staff always friendly enough and just leave you to it..could do with extra towel though! ive been twice in the week and wasnt to bad..Had some good fun on both occaisions.I am going to try it out on a saturday afternoon 9/06/12 and see what its like..the place is clean and worth a visit.

reviewed on Jun 08, 2012