Opening and Running a New Sauna

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Hey guys

I'm genuinely interested in opening and running my own sauna

WOuld love to hear from members maybe who are owners or started up their own?

What were the difficulties, requirements, etc.

Thanks :)


mankindred, Apr 12, 2018 at 18:35
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Dont know where you are located but liverpool city centre has no sauna! the last one shut down and the ony other sauna in merseyside is hard to get to small and closes eary. So if you want to open one liverpool has a maket for it with a good sized gay quarter and no competition.

pissincester, Apr 14, 2018 at 23:07
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Yes I'm in Liverpool city centre I agree there is an opportunity here.

I was hoping to learn a bit more about the difficulties of opening and running a sauna 

Some inside information would be great  :)

Thanks guys

mankindred, Apr 15, 2018 at 03:21
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I would FIRST visit and look at other saunas.... !!! What facilities do they have !!! and are they WELL Maintained??, and their opening hours. 

Remember where there is WATER - much maintenance and cleaning to be done .

The golden rule it MUST be CLEAN.. always, and ALL the key elements working always !!!

Elements:-  suggest Sauna, Steam Room. Communal Showers ( where each of the jets come on at the same force at the same time !!) Jacuzzi.

Lounge area- Tea / Coffee. cold drinks  anything more WILL require some legislitive health & food standards... that will cost!!! keep it simple !!!

Guys like some form of private rest areas.

Hope this helps....... As regards Liverpool- the city one closed maybe highish rent and few clientle.... so take note !!!!and it was a huge space.

The one on the Wirral whilst small and compact and generally ok ish !!, has a few shortcomings... ( jacuzzi no jets, and showers very iffy )


Hope this helps ... i am not in business, but running one as described above will take some investment, and maintenance.

I wish you well if your dream comes on stream. Not seen a new sauna opened for a long time .


regards   ...Sea Blue 










seablue, Jul 29, 2018 at 10:08
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I think you also need to have relevant licensing from local authority to run a sauna or any type of spa - this would include things like massage facilities. I had to learn all about the rules and regulations studying for a massage diploma, but would have to check them up. Conditions of such a license would exclude sexual activity.

As with all businesses open to public, there is a mass of rules and regulations, laws and byelaws covering health and safety, environmental matters, etc, etc. Local authority planning. Fire service oversight. Food hygiene, and employment law if you'll engage staff.

Location - want to make sure it's tolerated by neighbouring residents/businesses; near railway stations seems to be a good location to attract footfall; safety of clients leaving. This will influence costings - close to/within areas of other gay venues (village).

Think about capital costing to furnish/equip and running costs ....... won't be cheap, so need good financial backing.

But these are all the challenges of running a business in these demanding times. It's well worth getting hold of a good business plan template and working through the issues raised (Prionce of Wales Trust does a good busines splan template).

Good luck


cuirguy, Oct 18, 2018 at 08:34
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One of my bugbears with saunas is their lack of social media pages...or if they have them, they are out of date.

If you want to get customers, you'll need a decent social media presence.  it's a tricky thing though as you have to play by their rules and puritiantial sites like Facebook (and now Tumblr) are very picky on any sex based content, even if it's legal.  But a good website will help if you keep it up to date all the time.  Scan other review site for comments on your sauna esepcially


Some saunas have 'themed' events which are poppular, especially ones that are totally naked - no towels allowed.  When I've been to those saunas on their naked only days, they are very busy.  one of my 'lottery win' dreams is owning a sauna complex for men only.  It would be 100% nude - you'd get a little towel to dry / sit on but not to wear. 


best of luck!



Zakzak, Dec 8, 2018 at 03:21