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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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Smally2k15 posted a comment about Gentry.

I use the hot tub mostly and steam room but you do get to see some eye candy

best thing: Fun with guys and plenty of action
worst thing: N/A
reviewed on Dec 17, 2019
Will_sub posted a comment about The Locker Room.

Recently started coming to locker room quite regularly. Guys tend to be a bit older (i'm early 30's) but that doesn't bother me. Always easy to get some action, particularly around the glorywholes. Had my first spitroasting in hear only a few days ago and it was heaven.

best thing: lots of action
worst thing: No beds in the cabins; condoms/lube not easily at hand
reviewed on Dec 15, 2019
cayenne posted a comment about Touch Sauna.

This is a great sauna. You can hang out in the bar with other guys or just get stuck in with some wild sexy fun in the play areas. People will mention that the sauna cabin is small. It's true but it will hold a cosy half-dozen or more guys. Similarly the hot tub is small, a two-man affair, but that's because the suspended ceilling in the building can only bear so much weight. I like to think of the tub as small but intimate, or even romantic. There's a glory hole maze, immacuately presented. A tierered cinema room showing hot porn. A fantastic sling with lots of room for voyeurs as well as participants. There's a dark room which is always fun. There's a spanking and S&M facility. The steam room is a great place for fun. The private rooms are cosy and clean. Throughout the decor and presentation is top class, streets ahead of your average tatty British sauna. Favourite day for many is naked Tuesday when the place is heaving with hot guys all in the buff! I love the place.

best thing: The sexy guys
worst thing: Parking in Swindon - but note parking is currently free in all council-run car parks in the town every Sunday
reviewed on Dec 04, 2019
BasingGay posted a comment about Pink Broadway.

In my opinion the best gay sauna in the UK.
What makes this place so special to me are the staff - they are always so helpful, friendly and busy. You can always find at least one staff member cleaning the place - which again is the other main reason I like this place, it’s spotlessly clean.
On the main level there’s a welcoming reception in the lounge area where you can chill, drink, eat, socialise and watch the big screen TVs, usually playing a film.
Then you have the jacuzzi, large enough for 5, with a TV screen again. Then showers, toilets, 2 big saunas and a steam room. Upstairs a set of glory holes, sling, dark areas, private rooms and a porn room.
As I was commenting, it is so clean. Usually there is at least one member of staff cleaning - as you leave a room have had some fun, they’re usually to be found popping in after you to clean down the surfaces. All their rooms are wipe-clean leatherette. It’s also worth saying the the heating is always on here too, so it’s nice and warm which is important as you’re only wearing a towel.
So if you’re looking for some fun while you’re in the South of England, come for a warm welcome and enjoy your day here.

best thing: The staff
worst thing: Parking ( a few on-street bays but only 2 hour max and you have to pay) otherwise park in local multi-storey
reviewed on Dec 02, 2019
BasingGay posted a comment about Tropics Day Spa.

Shabby sauna in central Portsmouth.
Positives: free parking right outside, easy to find, staff were excellent and very welcoming and showed me around as it was my first visit.
Negatives: the place is definitely tired, needs a good gutting and starting again. It was also not very warm, so given you’re just in a towel, the only warm place was the sauna! It’s also a rabbit warren. Two upstairs rooms, each with their own separate staircase. Also downstairs for a jacuzzi pool. I think the main thing I didn’t like about this place was it didn’t feel clean. Old sofa’s, plus material-covered soft furnishings in the private cabins and the play spaces. I would prefer wipe-clean surfaces that you could wipe before you play. I never saw anyone cleaning either.
In upstairs rooms, three rooms all playing porn, but with no sound! In one room the TV seemed to be stuck in the colour blue, so the movie was all blue tinted!
Probably won’t be going back here again. Head to Pink Broadway in Southampton for a much better, cleaner, and warmer experience.

best thing: The staff
worst thing: Tired, not clean, rabbit warren
reviewed on Dec 02, 2019

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