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Hairyassedbottom posted a comment about The Greenhouse.

I love this place! Last time I was there, about a year ago now, it was on a bank-holiday Monday and it was JUMPING. Men of all aged, colours, shapes and sizes. Lovely staff and well maintained areas. Good food, served all day. Down side was - they were charging for condoms and lube.

best thing: Choice of men
worst thing: Charging for condoms & lube.
reviewed on Jul 16, 2019
Hairyassedbottom posted a comment about Number 18.

As far as I know No.18 is now closed. It was a super-hot place at one time and I was a frequent visitor but last time I was there (after a 5-year absence) it was very run-down and a bit smelly. Sad to see it go.

reviewed on Jul 16, 2019
Hairyassedbottom posted a comment about Acqua.

This has to be the worst gay sauna in Europe! I visited Acqua about 4 times over the space of a year, I decided that it wouldn't have been fair to judge on just one or two visits but guys, this place is the pits. I have been in gay saunas in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Greenhouse Darlaston, several London saunas, several saunas in Brussels, Berlin and Paris, 2 in Munich, 2 in Vienna 1 in Stockholm, 1 in copenhagen and I can honestly say - this is the worst ever! It is worn-out, tired, delapidated, pathetic and empty. I've had more men in my living room.
The customers who were there, well, the description of the sauna is the same as the men - old, worn-out and dilapidated. I've left lots of feedback on saunas, on several sites but, this is the only one that I have left bad feedback for. It has no redeeming features. One member of staff to do the reception, the coffee shop and take care of the cleaning! It is a dump and is not worth the entrance fee. Last time I was there there was a TV with full outfit, sequence dress, feather boa and stiletto heels - IN THE SAUNA ROOM. He almost stood on my foot with the heels. Another guy was so drunk he fell against me and almost broke my leg. When I complained the staff member said he couldn't do anything about it.
There are 2 tiny shower cubiciles, anyone over 16 stones would have a problem.

best thing: Zilch
worst thing: Everything
reviewed on Jul 16, 2019
mildman posted a comment about Touch Sauna.

This is a different experience. The bad things are: the 2 man jacuzzi is almost pointless, small steam room and sauna cabin. Other than that the walk about areas are quite large and roomy, it's very clean. The staff member was quite pleasent. Maybe the clientele were more of the younger element which some prefer (but not my selection though)- I'm quite forward hence I found many guys a little reserved but that's not their fault, just different ways of doing things.

Just be mindful of parking, it's expensive in Swindon! The roads are a tangle, train travel would be the best option.

best thing: clean and roomy
worst thing: 2 man jacuzzi - small steam room and sauna cabin
reviewed on Jun 03, 2019
mildman posted a comment about The Greenhouse.

I've been going here for some time and I notice of late the attitude of some staff is amazingly offenisve! Last week I was shouted for something I did not do, the staff member "thought he saw" me do something and shouted abuse at me, ignorant. The Manager tends to insult me, he probably thinks it's humour but it's just rude, even a another staff member was taken aback at how rude he was.

They did do food, then it seemed to change, as the staff didn't want to cook so rather than saying they don't do food would be rude with the view to discourage people from asking for food. Ignorant. I see they now seem to do small dishes but I wouldn't ask in the expectation of they didn't feel like cooking I'd get a mouthful of stupidity instead. Just rubbish.

Of late the resident tranny seems to be in control, previously in a shouting match with the manager in rows over nothing, fulled by the tranny's alcohol problem (drinking cans of booze at the counter and is a confirmed alcoholic - makes him/her abusive and disagreeable. The resident tranny staggers about in high heels, can hear him/her approaching and it's a big turn off, sounds like the wife, girlfriend, mother walking about. Every day seems to be tranny day, there's always one in addition to the resident tranny staggering about trying to get into any action going, it's such a big turn off. A tranny will glide in clumping in high heels, wearing badly fitting wigs and slutty clothes, hover around man-action wanting to join in, it just turns me (and many others) off. Some men will let the tranny give them a BJ as that's usually all they want. 95% of the trannys look dreadful, there are just 1 or 2 that are "convincing", these I don't mind.

My biggest complaint is staff rudeness, I know there's no point in mentioning this to the Manager as he will just give a stupid surprised face and reply "well you know what to do if you don't like it" - that's the sort of people they are.

I've had problems with the jacuzzi in the past, I've come away with various infections, I mentioned this to the Manager who was rather dismissive, claiming to follow clean procedure but I and a few other beg to differ. I'm not allergic to anything, many people have complained the jacuzzi is not maintained to standard however I have noticed of late things have improved. I'm almost finished treatment on a skin condition I got from there.

The venue can get stinky and grubby, I believe some people have grudges against the staff (no surprise there) and in revenge will leave fresh turds around the place. Revolting, sadly some of the play areas tend to stink.

It's not all bad though, yes some of the clients are awful but there's a lot of nice men too. The venue does have a good sized jacuzzi, steam room and sauna cabin, there'a enough area to walk about and enough play rooms although some locks are weak. When the staff behave it's quite good, I can overlook the genral shabby vibe, I've had some good times there.

best thing: advenutre, usually the guys are not backward at coming forward
worst thing: bad attitude from staff
reviewed on Jun 03, 2019

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