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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

If you have been to a gay sauna and have something good to say why not write a short review. If you know of a gay sauna that isn't listed please let us know!

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review by: horti

this sauna no longer exists

reviewed on Jan 09, 2019
review by: horti

the first time today, located in a quiet area, not sure about parking if it is really busy.Only 2 of 3 floors were available which maybe made it a bit cramped at times. It has been some time since i did a sauna, was busyish for an afternoon. spent 2 hours there left happy! will be back, cant wait to explore the top floor

best thing: easy to find your way round. lovely warm Jacuzzi (one of 2)
worst thing: steam room is very small chlorine got in my eyes
reviewed on Jan 09, 2019
review by: yorknudeguy

If you remember the old Leeds Steam, or use other gay saunas be in for a surprise. It functions as a swingers club most evenings (Pandora's) and the theme is very "pin-up girl/Page three).....
It is in a very large building with a huge bar area (there must be a lot of swingers in Leeds!) and the venue is on three floors so one has to hunt around to find the action. That said at least we have somwewhere to go in the daytime for some sex.

best thing: It exists!
worst thing: Very large rambling venue
reviewed on Jan 08, 2019
review by: yorknudeguy

Gentry is one of those places which once visited will draw you back: in the upstairs of a Edwardisn Pub (convenient if you want a drink) the owner can be sensible with his entry fee £5.00), there is no nonsense as to "membership" fees etc and the staff, Tim especially are very welcoming and friendly.
The location can take some finding if not a local person and parking is on street and officially limited to two hours (how strongly enforced I know not).
Once inside the facilities are clean and basic but perfectly adequate. There is usually a reasonable number of guys in and weekends can get fairly busy. Quite a selection to chose from!
Very good value, good sex and the sauna/jacuzzi facilities are good.

best thing: Sensible entry fee with no fuss
worst thing: Doesn't open until 13.00hrs
reviewed on Jan 08, 2019
review by: Pablo

Closed down by companies house 18/12/18. Hull has premier sauna GENTRY 17 scott st.

best thing: Sadly closed
worst thing: Closed
reviewed on Dec 25, 2018

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