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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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Bumfun85 posted a comment about Lads Locker Room.

The worst sauna I have ever been to - - unfortunately the only option we have here in Bristol without leaving the city. I go about twice a year, normally on a Saturday night as it’s the busiest time and I’m generally intoxicated - which dulls the impact of how skanky this place is. I’m not some queen who loves to leave a bitchy review because nobody went near my battered old hole last time I was there, it’s basically like if you were to order a sauna experience from Brainfarts’R’Us.com - - this is wheat you would get, on entry you are “welcomed” by generally an apparently lobotomised extra from the Walking Dead. Then you walk through into the changing rooms which are cold, slippery and unpleasant to get changed in. The jacuzzi around the corner is generally fine and the smoking area also is perfectly adequate. If however you want to take a shower then you can detowel in direct view of the zombietwink staff and push a button which prompts a trickle of tepid water to trickle down onto you, but you have to press the button again every 3 seconds as this is perfect if you are trying to create your own version of Chinese Water Torture. Then up the stairs which are a hazard. They also creak loudly, and are poorly lit. Once upstairs the is a pathetic attempt at a maze gloryhole room with a few bits of cardboard erected which no one ever uses and some bits of the cardboard have holes drilled in but again imagine whoever designed this room let off a massive brain fart as the did it. Then there’s some more gloryholes where the idea is to have one side on a raised platform but about as much thought went into these as the maze room. Next you have 4 separate rooms, one used to have a sling in it but for some reason it is no longer there. It’s as though the thought process was let’s take out the sling, guys are liking using it too much. We already have one in the group room upstairs anyway so no one will notice. Anyway, more stairs but these ones have carpet so a slight improvement all they need to think about now is a light or 2 so people can see them. Group room up top with sling and benches to fuck, as long as you’re not put off by the chorus of snoring from the couple of old farts that tend to have passed out. Anyway that’s about it, there USA steam room/sauna but I don’t think either have ever worked.if GordonRamsey ever decides to branch out and do gay saunas this is where he’d start. Also I heard a rumour there’s a lesbian night once a month now? Anyway the smell of stale minge last time was not pleasant

best thing: Jaccuzi although last time it did smell of gash.
worst thing: Overall sense of filth
reviewed on Sep 07, 2019
ottersteve posted a comment about Sauna-Sauna.

Something for everyone here. Clean, very atmospheric, I always look forward to my trips here on Bears day. Food is good (for the money). Staff are just right. .What's not to like? Only niggle is the hidden steps in upstairs play area - although lit - can still catch the unwary out.

best thing: Bears day - though that's a personal taste.
worst thing: need a good Satnav to find first time.
reviewed on Aug 31, 2019
ottersteve posted a comment about The Greenhouse.

I have visited this place on several occasions over the 20 years since it opened. Always had a good time. No complaints there. The place itself though is looking a bit "tired" now and needs some serious money spending on it. The floor around the pool needs totally re-doing (slowly breaking up). The swimming pool looked slightly "cloudy" and could we have some pegs to hang towels on please?. Upstairs, facilities are holding up well.

best thing: Bears day
worst thing: needs updating.
reviewed on Aug 31, 2019
Queeny posted a comment about Gentry.

Such a charming little place, yes it is a bit on the small size but it has everything I need! Staff are friendly and quite a few fit guys! place is kept clean, decor is a bit rustic but that just adds to the charm. They have jugs of water and juice you can help yourself to, very good as the sauna is very hot! I'll be going back again for sure.

best thing: The people, lovely guys working there and lovely clientele
worst thing: Don't think there was a "worst" anything!
reviewed on Aug 08, 2019
CiroPUP posted a comment about The Boiler Room.

I had a lot of fun at this one, It's very clean and has a very professional and modern feel to it. The Jacuzzi is really cool, it's a fairly deep pool sunken into the floor, It's really nice. Nice cafe with good choice of food and drinks at very reasonable prices. There was one member of staff on when I went, He was very friendly and seemed to be keeping busy and running the place single handed, but doing a very good job of it - even came running to my rescue when I had a dizzy spell in the Jacuzzi! upstairs there are lots of private areas, glory wholes, a dark room, cinema rooms etc, Although the layout is a bit confusing and it's easy to get lost. However, it's a lot of fun. My only real issue was there seemed to be no condoms or lube provided, I later discovered there was a basket at the bottom of the stairs with freebies. It wasn't very busy when I went, but the few guys in there were a very friendly bunch and we had a good laugh, so was very pleasant and chilled out.

best thing: The Jacuzzi
worst thing: Couldn't really fault it.
reviewed on Aug 08, 2019

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