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Kinkyfl posted a comment about Sweat Sauna.

First visit yesterday. Clean. Tidy. Not many in at 12 but soon got a few more in. Plenty of willing guys. Tried all rooms. Pity no one used me in the glory hole. Had plenty of cock and ass to play with and use

best thing: Everyone was so chilled and friendly
worst thing: Lockers were small!
reviewed on Sep 16, 2021
janiator001 posted a comment about Pleasuredrome.

The Facility was clean and looks like some upgrades were done, However the costs of food and drink is very expensive.
The private rooms were 99% had to be paid for to use as for those rooms the doors were not full to the floor people could see in or look over and to go to places like these people would like privacy and not to have to pay to enjoy 1-2-1 at extra costs.
the showers in the tunnel section along with the steam rooms stunk very badly and was off putting, I give it 3 stars only due to the fact the hot tub although large was nice including the loungers that were heated all in all an ok place to visit but not at the costs.

best thing: hot tub
worst thing: very expensive on drinks and food
reviewed on Aug 11, 2021
Martin3344 posted a comment about Acqua.

I went here on a recent visit to Blackpool after being treated extreamly rudely by Paul who works in wet wet, wet. The Aqua sauna is abit old in furnishings, but i was warmly welcomed by the staff member , and the 2 other guys who were there were freindly to talk to..i only stayed in the sauna so didnt see the rest of it but would return another time due to not being trated with distain as i was by Paul in wet wet wet sauna...the other customers i chatted with had other negative stories to tell about wet wet wet sauna and the way they were treated. the only thing i didnt like about Aqua was no cold shower after the sauna.

best thing: warm welcome/ Freindlyness
worst thing: No cold shower after hot sauna.
reviewed on Aug 05, 2021
Martin3344 posted a comment about WetWetWet.

I went here for the first time at 7pm untill 9pm when it closed and had a good time, it was clean and i liked the outdoor area sauna and hottub, the young member of staff was polite and professional to me. HOWEVER when i returned the next day at 6.15pm I was met by a diffrent member of staff (Paul)..He had MAJOR attitude, seemed fed up and annoyed that id arrived...first thing he told me was they were closing at 8pm (even though the website says 9pm) then he told me there was only one other person in , he clearly wanted to go home, and i like having a sauna anyway it dosnt matter to me if there arnt many in..when i told him i would go in anyway, he changed his mind and refused me entry then snapped at me that hed been there since that morning . He was very bitch, demeaning and unwelcoming...this put me off this place...this guy is bad for buisness!! i went to another sauna wich was more shabby and old but staff and customers freindly and curtious.

best thing: Sauna
worst thing: Paul
reviewed on Aug 05, 2021
timsmart posted a comment about Lads Locker Room.

With the excellent Newport Sauna still probably closed for another week, I thought I would try the nearby, but god awful Lads Locker Room in the hope that during its 16 months or so of closure, the owner might have put the tiniest bit of effort into fixing the steam room and the jacuzzi water jet switch, and maybe tidied the place up a bit.

I got there at 2 hours after it opened. Plenty of time to set up, I thought - heat up the jacuzzi and the steam room. However, from previous experience I arrived with my expectations in my boots.

Surprise! The showers were an icy dribble because the jacuzzi was being filled; the cover was still on. I interrupted the manager in mid gossip with his mate to ask when it might be full. The next time I saw it, the cover was off, the water was cold, and the jet switch was broken. The switch did precisely nothing.

So I tried the steam room. It wasn’t on. Previous managers have told me this is an economy measure, and it will only work when the wall switch is operated. I operated it. 30 minutes later there was not a trace of steam.

I have been to many many gay saunas, but never a single other one where the facilities were not on all the time, because the management realise that this is precisely what their fucking customers are paying for.

This is the worst sauna I have ever ever visited.

This level of negligence may be acceptable to the late night pissed up crowd of 18 year old drinkers who must be the only sauce of profit here. Maybe not.

Don’t go there! It’s vile. As far as I am aware, it is still owned by the same arrogant monster and run by an ever changing stream of ambitious yet ultimately disillusioned or otherwise replaceable youngsters, or on this occasion by a lazy incompetent fukwit.

How come bristol doesn’t have at least one decent Sauna? It’s a big city! Perlease!

best thing: its in bristol
worst thing: the facilities dont work
reviewed on Aug 01, 2021

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