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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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review by: Inthecloset22

Hi all, just wanting to say first off I'm someone who is new to this and ultimately I'm still not sure where I stand, but having visited the Greenhouse twice now, I can say . That its a wonderful non judgmental place . The facilities are clean, the staff are friendly and most of all some of the older cock in there is magnificent. I for one would recommend it time and time again

best thing: Gloryhole. It's always been something that's intrigued me and I'd do it again and again
worst thing: Lighting
reviewed on Sep 19, 2017
review by: Alan H

As I visited this sauna for only the first time yesterday, I thought that I would pass on some comments here which might be useful to others considering taking that first step, too. Note that I have limited experience of other saunas in the UK, so I will not be making comparisons with other venues.

The admission price is £16, which is clearly not cheap, but it is a quality establishment, clean, large and with numerous variety and facilities - something for everyone, I would say. The staff are pleasant and co-operative and there is a friendly feel to the place. There is a decently-sized, deep pool, a hot (well, warm!) tub, a dry sauna and a steam room each with enough space for over a dozen people, as well as showers, a locker room etc..

For those going there for sex there are a number of smaller cubicles or rooms with beds, half a dozen glory holes and a dark room - not that anybody seemed to object to sexual activity in the other areas as well - several screens with films, and a room signposted 'The Dungeon' (which was empty when I visited it!)

There were a wide range of ages and types there yesterday - some bolder, some shyer - with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. As a first timer I did not feel like an 'outsider' - I was neither ignored nor pestered but treated with respect.

I would have no hesitation recommending this place to guys of any age and type - as long as you can afford £16. If you want to cover yourself up with your towel and stick to the sauna and pool you can; alternatively, if you are looking for some 'fun' you will be able to find it, too. I plan to return and try out some of the 'Events' nights, too, such as 'Dare to Bare' (Wednesdays), Bear night and Tranny night.

best thing: Exploring in the dark room!
worst thing: Its is like a rabbit warren and easy to forget where a room is
reviewed on Sep 11, 2017
review by: Darryl

Visited after a week away on holiday,
Entry before 4pm is a cheaper rate.
Steam room and sauna are brilliant. Hot tub was lacking, but I hear it has been updated so will re visit.
Play rooms are good for walking round. Very busy and met a hot blonde. The bar is limited and not always someone available to serve. Clean and modern, Didn't see the staff much.

best thing: It is very busy and always got guys popping in.
worst thing: Having to go home, it's open 24/7 so you never know
reviewed on Sep 08, 2017
review by: Darryl

Best sauna visited so far, *****
Parking is limited but plenty of it, door prices have gone up since my last visit but I can see they are spending it on updating the sauna. New room's been installed. This place is always busy. Love the pool.
Staff are very nice and the food & drink choice is brilliant.
Did feel slightly embarrassed to ask for condoms and lube.

best thing: Swimming pool
worst thing: It's to far from my house or I would be in every day.
reviewed on Sep 08, 2017
review by: Darryl

Visited for the day,
Difficulty parking, but got parked on the street.
The staff was every informative on the fire exits. They where nice to talk to and kept the place every clean. Not the biggest sauna I have been too. Hot tub is very cosy, steam room is nice and sauna is small but very good and hot. Play rooms are well layer out with the limited space they have.

best thing: Cosy small sauna and very clean.
worst thing: Location limits the parking nearby and the space available to expand.
reviewed on Sep 08, 2017

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