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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

If you have been to a gay sauna and have something good to say why not write a short review. If you know of a gay sauna that isn't listed please let us know!

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review by: cuirguy

Very dilapidated and decaying venue.
Quiet when I visited (just handful of older guys, who were a groping and lustful and lacked the finer arts of flirting).
Should be closed down.
Plenty of condoms provided but no lube ....

best thing: Leaving
worst thing: Everything
reviewed on Oct 18, 2018
review by: cuirguy

Visited twice in last two weeks - lots of bad reviews online, so thought I would make my now mind up.
Not disappointed - everything in working order - sauna, steam nice and hot - jacuzzi hot and bubble.
Shower area very clean.
Carpet in wet area is a bit damp and slightly musty, but nothing like as bad a reviews made it out to be.
Cubicles, cruising area all nice and enjoyable.
Had lots of fun with other guys as well as getting some heat to relax in the sauna.

best thing: Exceded expectations
worst thing: Nothing really
reviewed on Oct 18, 2018
review by: Sub_for_older

Love the greenhouse i am quite shy as i am not very big but i love older men & specialy older men dominant or not i am always in the dark room downstairs love not seeing who is touching me i cum in seconds if ever they need a sub to be tied down and feed cum im there man

best thing: The dark room
worst thing: No dark bdsm room
reviewed on Oct 10, 2018
review by: zoidberg

Over £10 to get in and that's at reduced time, the steam room wasn't working which made the other sparse facilities overcrowded. The Jacuzzi can only take 4 people and even then your sitting on another persons foot. The sauna room is tiny and brightly lit which means no one interacts, there's only about 6 rest rooms so the corridor is full of people milling about so you feel your being watched by ten or more people whatever you do. Had planned on getting 2 or 3 shags but gave up after 2.5 hours and had one token blowjob through gloryhole.

best thing: Nothing
worst thing: spoilt for choice
reviewed on Oct 08, 2018
review by: shefflee

I love this sauna - just got in from a great couple of hours. Nice atmosphere, nice guys too. Staff area great. Not big but has everything it needs. Live going.

best thing: Jacuzzi and great films
worst thing: Noting really - be great if it was bigger , butbownsrs have done everything they can.
reviewed on Oct 06, 2018

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