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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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gozograeme posted a comment about Sailors Sauna.

A large sauna not far from Docklands. A discrete entrance near Limehouse Station and next to a craft beer pub. A quick entrance procedure, plenty of lockers and even two cubicles with doors for those that want to change in private. A lounge area where snacks, limited fast food and soft drinks are available. The steam room and sauna were both at a good temperature, with a maximum of 10 to 12 people. The pool was temporarily closed. Both saunas are close together. The rest of the building, over three floors, provided two small cinemas, a few cubicles, some with their own screens, dark rooms, glory holes and an outside deck. I visited on Sunday afternoon. By no means full, but plenty of others around and I had a good time.

best thing: I enjoyed nude sunbathing on the deck.
worst thing: Nothing.
reviewed on Jul 14, 2021
archer posted a comment about Eagle 50.

Always enjoyed the place . A great crowd . Formally the locker room the place closed permanently in May 2021 having been a gay sauna for 27 years . Will be sadly missed . Thanks guys for trying to keep it afloat during the pandemic Applause to you and the crew .

best thing: The people and friendly armosphere
worst thing: The sad fact it closed permanently in May 2021
reviewed on Jun 06, 2021
Rlow404 posted a comment about The Pipeworks.

Just leaving a review as it looks like this sauna hasn’t been reviewed for a long time and it’s had a lot of renovation recently (well... comparatively!).

It’s a very welcoming, clean, well appointed Sauna with multiple rooms, spaces and areas. Lots of free lube and condoms and a welcoming atmosphere.

The pool is really relaxing and there’s plenty going on.

best thing: The cinema room is a lot of fun to be fair
worst thing: The private cabins space is pretty bare.
reviewed on Jun 04, 2021
saucyscouser11 posted a comment about Sweat Sauna.

Having visited a couple of times, I liked the facilities and tried them all out. would be even better if there was a sling available.

best thing: Relaxed atmosphere, very discreet.
worst thing: Not many guys there when I visited
reviewed on May 28, 2021
JimmyR posted a comment about Number 52 Sauna.

Pretty easy to find and helpful staff. Good amenities kept clean and a good cafe area serving drinks. A disturbing number of very old visitors some of whom struggled with the stairs. Definitely a predatory vibe from the old guys so it is not surprising the few young guys who visited did not stay long during my visit. Staff were good, manager left a lot to be desired. I watched him being remarkably off hand with some of the visitors to the point of rudeness and his attitude to his staff was shocking. It may have been an off day for the visitors so I will give it another go but talking to another guy this was fairly normal mix. Couple of nasty queens in there who seemed to be well in with the manager. They did not add to the ambience or the sound level lol

best thing: Good amenities all kept well and staff that were helpful to a new arrival
worst thing: All the old people there gave the impression of being in a care home with towels
reviewed on Feb 16, 2020

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