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the facilities & services

A gay adult retail store, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, individual and group showers, 10 man hot and bubbling spa pool, Turkish steam room, 20 man Swedish sauna cabin, sun beds, free internet access, lounge area, cafe area, large beds, sling, various play room showing videos.


hot tub
steam room
changing room
video rooms
internet access
play rooms
sun bed
sling room

the opening times

Monday - Thursday 11am - until late. Friday - Sunday 24 Hours.

the prices

Day visit entry £13 (unlimited use within the day), Standard entry £10, Wednesday & Sundays £5 all day, Blue Card £100 for 30 days unlimited use.

Weekend Pass £30 (Fri-Sun unlimited use).
Extra towels 50p.

the description

Welcome to the Acqua Sauna Complex, the North West's longest running sauna complex for Gay, Bi-Sexual and Bi- Curious Men first established in 1990 and continually grown from strength to strength, Becoming part of The Pases Grupos Saunas of of Barcelona, Espania, in late 2007. And most recently been aquired by 'QUAY LEISURE GROUP' with our ever changing features and cleanliness maintaining to be one of the finest gay saunas in Europe, Conveniently and discreetly situated minutes from the town centre, and leading Gay Hotels and Venues. There are no time limits to how long you stay, everything you need is in our complex.

the contact info

25-27 Springfield Rd



01253 294 610

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Horny_dawg posted a comment.

Having read various reviews and talked to people who have been I had given this place a wide berth, stories of it being dirty and not up to much had pretty much put me off. However, it has now been taken over by the guys who own the Steam complex in Leeds & Huddersfield so I thought I'd give it a try as my usual place W3 sauna had become very very quiet on my last few visits.

I went along not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised, every thing is much more compact than W3, such as no sitting area in the locker room so you have to get undressed standing up, the sauna room is quite small with space for only 3 or 4 people, the hot tub is big enough and as its indoors its always on, this may hold 8 or 9 people, the cafe/sitting area is quite big with a decent bar, and the playrooms were quite small too.

However, I had a great time and it was much busier than W3 which I had left with a couple of people in, whereas there were at least 10 guys in here. I had encountered 2 of them in the sauna and had enjoyed myself, had a quick dip in the hot tub which was great and then a wandert around the playrooms, by this time the crowd had died down and theer were only a couple of guys in the playrooms so just had a look around and then went.

All in all I was quite impressed, better than I expected and yes its looking worn around the edges but was clean enough and the guys in there seemed friendly enough.

Will return another time for some more fun.

best thing: hot tub / sauna
worst thing: looks frayed around teh edges
reviewed on Dec 28, 2023
Martin3344 posted a comment.

I went here on a recent visit to Blackpool after being treated extreamly rudely by Paul who works in wet wet, wet. The Aqua sauna is abit old in furnishings, but i was warmly welcomed by the staff member , and the 2 other guys who were there were freindly to talk to..i only stayed in the sauna so didnt see the rest of it but would return another time due to not being trated with distain as i was by Paul in wet wet wet sauna...the other customers i chatted with had other negative stories to tell about wet wet wet sauna and the way they were treated. the only thing i didnt like about Aqua was no cold shower after the sauna.

best thing: warm welcome/ Freindlyness
worst thing: No cold shower after hot sauna.
reviewed on Aug 05, 2021
Hairyassedbottom posted a comment.

This has to be the worst gay sauna in Europe! I visited Acqua about 4 times over the space of a year, I decided that it wouldn't have been fair to judge on just one or two visits but guys, this place is the pits. I have been in gay saunas in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Greenhouse Darlaston, several London saunas, several saunas in Brussels, Berlin and Paris, 2 in Munich, 2 in Vienna 1 in Stockholm, 1 in copenhagen and I can honestly say - this is the worst ever! It is worn-out, tired, delapidated, pathetic and empty. I've had more men in my living room.
The customers who were there, well, the description of the sauna is the same as the men - old, worn-out and dilapidated. I've left lots of feedback on saunas, on several sites but, this is the only one that I have left bad feedback for. It has no redeeming features. One member of staff to do the reception, the coffee shop and take care of the cleaning! It is a dump and is not worth the entrance fee. Last time I was there there was a TV with full outfit, sequence dress, feather boa and stiletto heels - IN THE SAUNA ROOM. He almost stood on my foot with the heels. Another guy was so drunk he fell against me and almost broke my leg. When I complained the staff member said he couldn't do anything about it.
There are 2 tiny shower cubiciles, anyone over 16 stones would have a problem.

best thing: Zilch
worst thing: Everything
reviewed on Jul 16, 2019
Smiffi1909 posted a comment.

Had a great time there sucked some big hard cocks was never of the fuck bench one guy fucked me 3times and cum up my arse whilsti was sucking big and small cocks

best thing: Loads of sex
worst thing: Nobody should wear towels lets see the hard cocks
reviewed on May 13, 2018
Rangers19670 posted a comment.

I go to blackpool about 6 times a year ive been going to the Aqua sauna for years i love the place the staff are lovely i was there 2 weeks ago met a guy there only been in there about 10 mins he had me in steam room didnt take him long to cum in my ass guys if you want cock or ass go to Aqua best sauna in country

best thing: hot guys all ages lovely staff and big cocks
worst thing: sometimes it can be quiet
reviewed on Feb 14, 2017
barney_bum posted a comment.

Been going to Acqua for years and I have never left without having had a fun time from the friendly guys of all ages. It's now needs some refurbishment and has seen better days, which might put some people off. But despite that, it's a big draw for Blackpool to me.

You go up some stairs to get in, and having paid your money (good deals on Wednesdays and Sundays), you come straight into the changing area. You can either then go into the café/TV/rest area or the wet area. In the wet area, there is a large Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and two shower cubicles. The sauna is modern with low light and very pleasant; the steam room is one of areas that could be refurbished and seems old.

From the café area is a corridor. On one side there are the toilets (good and clean), a Bi cinema with a huge bed and a strange sitting area with a TV on the wall (not sure what purpose it serves). On the other side, there is another cinema in an intimate cosy alcove, with two adjacent alcoves one with a sling and the other just a secret place. This area also leads to a St Andrews cross, four cabins with glory holes and a separate room with TV and two fucking benches. Lots of fun to be had there.

On the ways upstairs is a settee in an alcove. Upstairs itself are two corridors. One is lined with four more cabins with glory holes and each had TVs (not all working). On the other corridor are four private rooms and another sling. There is lots of wandering in the corridors and often group action in the cabins.

Plenty supply of condoms and lube, throughout.

As I said, it could do with some refurbishment but it is friendly and intimate, nor too large, and a place for loads of fun.

reviewed on Aug 30, 2015