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the facilities & services

Reception area, changing rooms with secure lockers covered by CCTV, free hair/body wash, 20 man sauna, steam room, spa, lounge cafe serving drinks 24hr a day, free internet access, film and digital TV, on the first floor there is a cruise area, private cabins, video lounge, massage room and more!


hot tub
steam room
changing room
video rooms
internet access
play rooms

the opening times

24 hours a day seven days a week!

the prices

£5 annual membership.
Everyday 9AM-4PM £9.
Everyday 4PM-9AM £14.
Students £5.
Students Wednesday FREE.

the description

Basement is the UK's leading Gay & Bisexual Sauna Group. Award winning venues in prime locations, offer a safe and friendly place to meet horny guys. The only UK sauna group that operates its venues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Purpose built just three years ago, on two floors in a railway arch just a few steps away from Leeds' gay scene and yards from the city's train station.

the contact info

7 Heaton's Court



01132 427 730

from the sauna

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shaun1968 posted a comment.

went other day was not many in but everything was working great time there just need more guys there n freindley staff few rips in bedding matsn sofas

best thing: nice freindly place to go
worst thing: not many guys in
reviewed on Jun 21, 2018
atsd posted a comment.

Not very busy on the numerous occasions we have been. Very weird cruising area.

reviewed on Feb 17, 2016
barnylad123 posted a comment.

went to Leeds Thursday night and was catching the first train home Friday morning, so thought i would go in to the Sauna. Never been to one before so was a little scared but i had had a drink so that helped. After getting in i loved it and would definitely go again soon

reviewed on Apr 05, 2015
Leedsvisit1 posted a comment.

On my recent visit to Leeds, I though after looking on the internet about this sauna, I thought I'd give it a go..... so on the 27th Nov 2014 I paid a visit to this sauna, paid indeed!! £14 entry after 5pm!! nothing said this, no prices up nothing!! oh well, got in got changed and there was only 4 people in!! it is clean, not bad, nice clean Jacuzzi, but only stayed an hour! not worth the money.
they need to update there website!
Will not be going again!.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2014
LeedsBiMeet posted a comment.

I'm looking for a sauna buddy in the Leeds area, aged 18-25, just to meet up and go in together. Email me if you're interested (address at end).

Have just been for my fourth visit to Basement Complex. I am 23, (was 21 on my first visit). I have been successful on 2 of my 4 visits, however I only go for under 25! I usually go after midnight. Have never been in when there's been more than about 15 guys in there. As I'm sure is the case with other saunas, it's difficult to judge when to go but Friday/Saturday nights after the nearby bars kick out is probably your best bet.

For first timers - On my first visit, as many others have said about their first experience, I was amazed at how quickly I settled in. I went with a friend which helps. I was shown round by a very hot member of staff (not sure he works there any more). Staff are OK, not over friendly, but not unfriendly.

On 3 out of 4 occasions, all the facilities have been working. On one occasion the jacuzzi was really cold and on another it wasn't working at all which was really disappointing as that's where I like to linger! Upstairs the cabins are kept clean in my experience, although on my last visit I struggled to find one with both a working lock and light! The cabins are of varying size as they are set in railway arches which I quite like but not much room in some of them. Porn in tv room wasn't great the one time I went in there. There is a glory hole and a swing.

Overall would definitely recommend to a seasoned sauna user or first timer. Hope this helps, let me know if you want to meet up -

reviewed on Aug 17, 2014
YORKSHIRE GUY posted a comment.

Their policy of charging for an extra towel is a bit mean, considering the entry fee.

Place a bit too quiet most times, so paying the full fee can be a bit expensive. Better to try off peak as it'scheaper And one of the staff is always rude.

reviewed on May 27, 2013
Ray posted a comment.

Love it
And meet some nice people

reviewed on May 19, 2013
Nerawan posted a comment.

I have been going to this sauna for about 7 years since they open. In the first years it was quite busy any day of the week but in the last 2 or 5 years it has changed . The only busiest times are Friday and Saturday after midnight. In the plus side I have always find here some of the most handsome and masculine guys in all U.K. (average age 30 to 55). also I kile the design of the private rooms. quite big with a matress over the floor. I live in London but visit this place about every 2 months.

reviewed on May 09, 2013
Sexdoll4u posted a comment.

Went to this sauna this morning nine o'clock expecting there no one there, but to my surprise there was people there, I'm a young looking gym toned lad so I got alot of attention that I just can't say no too lol it's a very clean place and although the jaccuzi wasn't working I still had a great time (4 x sex) with two great guys and enjoyed my first spit roast session too (twice) lol i left at dinner time, I think I will definately be going back again next time I get a day off work !! Well worth the hour and a half drive, Paul from teesside aka sexdoll4u

reviewed on May 02, 2013
Stew posted a comment.

Visited on a Friday evening. It was very quiet only a handful of people. Jacuzzi was small and quite cold. Place could do with a spruce up. Staff friendly but overall it was very quiet and expensive - redeeming factor was a £1 re-entry fee!

reviewed on Feb 14, 2013
Andrew posted a comment.

Cold jacuzzi!!

Went to this sauna on a freezing cold day. When I got there (mid afternoon) to find the sauna out of action and the jacuzzi closed for cleaning. The only warm place was the steam room. Twenty minutes later the jacuzzi opened and I looked forward to a long warm soak. I put one foot in and withdrew it in shock at how cold it was. There was no way that anyone could cope going in there. I complained to the manager, who told me that the city council dictates the maximum temperature. Well, if that's the case they might as well fill the thing with concrete. I don't believe them, actually. Anyway I got my money back and left.

reviewed on Jan 17, 2013
Horny guy posted a comment.

I had a few hours to kill in Leeds one day and had been horny all weekend wanting to get my rocks off, I knew of this place and plucked up the courage for my first sauna visit every and loved it. Upstairs is a bare as you dare and put it this way I loved putting my kn*b through a hole to get a mindblowing suck with other people watching.

reviewed on May 06, 2012