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the facilities & services

500 Lockers, 2 (20 man) steam rooms, 2 (30 man) saunas, 2 video rooms, 2 dark rooms, internet cafe/ snack bar, a maze of 50 private rest rooms, satellite TV lounge, sun showers.


hot tub
steam room
changing room
video rooms
internet access
play rooms
sun bed

the opening times

Monday - Thursday 12pm - 8am - Friday 12pm - Monday 8am.

the prices

ADMISSION £20.00 – CONCESSIONS £18.00. Admission inc. 2 towels.

- Early Bird £12.00 Mon – Thurs 12 noon – 3.00pm

the description

Chariots of London is a great place to relax and unwind after a long hard day. The perfect place to meet other men.

the contact info

63-64 Albert Embankment



020 7735 6709

from the sauna

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gaySaunaBoy posted a comment.

Since last time, I think, they have refurbished the Jacuzzi, which is definitely the best element of this sauna. It is the only place that looks somewhat new and maintained.

Check out my full review about this place:

best thing: The Jacuzzy
worst thing: Hygiene, maintnance
reviewed on Feb 05, 2017
PandaBear posted a comment.

A great, and very large sauna. Two hot sauna cabins, a jacuzzi and numerous dark rooms and corridors with over 50 private rooms and other dark areas. Lots of hot, handsome, muscled young men. One of the best saunas in England. Always good, although can also be a lot of wandering around and doing nothing.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015
David posted a comment.

Price: £19 which is pretty expensive particularly if you go at any time other than the weekend, as it's mostly quiet mid-week.
Poppers: they now sell them again and allow sealed bottles in (if searched)
Cleanliness: usually ok. There's a constant supply of cleaners. They do - as stated below - have an irritating way of cleaning and closing half the place down in the wee small hours. It's as much to displace sleepers and dealers as anything else. Something you have to put up with.
Drugs: non-existent during the week; everywhere during the weekend if you want them. Get off your head on G and get caught, they'll toss you out on your ear for a few months. Get towards the end of any given night and if you've got any, you'll get pestered to share.
Guys: mixed - from the super-hot to the super-not, young to old. Something for just about everyone. If you can't get any action at all, you're probably doing something wrong.
Facilities: showers are a bit ropey; jacuzzi is a bit small and often rather tepid; steam rooms are decent but usually pretty empty - similar story with the sauna rooms; dark room is quite small but I suppose that adds a certain something; lounge is big, vending machines barely function and the tv is always too loud or showing crap; music is usually too loud and often a bit strange in choices (We will rock you by Queen is an odd thing to hear in a sauna, I think); lockers are plentiful but try to get a big one (and you need a pound); rooms are a good size - the best in London, I would say - although too many people use them to sleep in or hog them without noticeable purpose and watch out for the locks - some of them are missing and some can be opened from outside; mirrored rooms are very cool for sex but overheat quickly because they're right next to the sauna rooms - short stays only really; video rooms are spacious and a good place for group stuff if that's what you're into doing or watching.
Staff: the duty managers are hit-and-miss. Some are friendly, others are quite frankly the rudest people you'll ever meet. Smile if you meet them and stay out of their way. There are a couple who are aggressively out to find people using or selling drugs. Now you can say that's laudable - after all, that stuff is illegal. Or you can take the view that without turning a blind eye to an extent, there would only be half the guys in there. It's a toss-up. But consistency in approach is lacking.
One thing to note - there's a new manager there who has taken to going into people's rooms (sometimes when locked) to shine his torch in people's eyes and search for drugs. Whatever position you take about drugs, going into locked rooms where guys could be having sex is wrong and should be complained about.

reviewed on Jun 23, 2013
Nerawan posted a comment.

Yes . The price jump from £16 to £19. The only busy times are friday and Saturday after midnight. Many Queens walking around. Also about 4 a.m. when is still very busy they start cleaning and closing some areas. Very irritating.

reviewed on May 09, 2013
John posted a comment.

Think it's £19 now. I refused to pay and went elsewhere.

reviewed on Feb 15, 2013