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The UK's largest sauna cabin with it's own chill out rooms built on! Brand new 40 man steam room, huge maze of 35 private rest rooms, interent cafe/ snack bar, video lounge, luxurious changing facilities, fully air conditioned throughout, satellite TV lounge, luggage safe room.


steam room
changing room
video rooms
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the opening times

24/7 363 Days a year. Closes 2 days over the Christmas period

the prices

£14. Concession £12. Runs a £10 Early Bird price from 8am to 12 Noon Monday to Friday.

the description

South London's Premier Sauna.

the contact info

101 Lower Marsh



02072 475 333

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reeceindie posted a comment.

This was a pleasant surprise and will easily be my go-to sauna when visiting London. The admission was, comparatively , reasonable and the staff, on each of my visits have been some of the friendliest and down-to-Earth I've experienced in any London venue. The locker room is large and open and the cafe area is large, bright, clean, with plenty of natural light and air, with the entire venue being above ground. Refreshments are very affordable with tea and coffe for only 50p. After the cafe and locker room, the main area consists of two long, connecting corridors which 'loop' round, on one side a series of small rooms, which, if you're just after sex you can hang around, while on the other side are the main facilities which, thankfully, don't have that 'backroom' vibe, being open, clean and spacious.
The steam room is long, clean and well lit and opens next to the bright, clean showers while the two sauna cabins, round the corner, are roomy and well kept. There's also the open rest area with loungers if you need a break. The guys there are a real mixed bunch, with a variety of body types and, so far, relatively free of creepy guys who just wander round staring (why do guys do that ?) . I look forward to my next visit.

reviewed on Aug 24, 2015
mark andrew posted a comment.

This sauna combines the convenience of a Central London location with the friendliness of some of the smaller local saunas, perhaps because it is not quite so large as Pleasuredrome or Shoreditch and others. Yet it boasts the largest sauna cabin in London. It also has a large steam room, but no jacuzzi. There are plenty of private rooms, and because it is all on one floor, above ground, there is at least some daylight in this place....and fresh air when the windows are open. It is never that busy, but turnover is steady, with a mix of people of all ages, sizes and types, as it is open 24 hours. Refreshments are available at reasonable cost. Music and tv are both too loud, meaning that it is not a relaxing venue.

reviewed on Mar 20, 2015
Dave Common posted a comment.

Staff very Friendly. Mixture of guys ages from around 30 upwards.
I asked the manager recently about the loyaty card offer. He explained to me the card had been abused on a regular basis and after 6 years it was time for a change.
I also asked about the charge of tea and coffee. He explained it was soley introduced to reduce wasteage as some would take a sip and leave a full cup on the table... come back a mere 5 mins later and ask for a fresh one. It is only 25p for a cup which is very low as some charge 50p or even a £1.
They do now offer what they an Early Bird price of £10 entry if you get there between 8am and 12 midday on a mon to friday.
The manager also explained they are considering weekend passes and return passes as a way of compentsating for the loss of the loyaty card. All in all the manager was very forth coming and frank with he explanations. Place was very clean and I had some fun :)

reviewed on Jun 04, 2013
Tim posted a comment.

One of the best places to go in London, very nice staff. Entrance fee is a little high and I have to agree it was a bad move to stop the loyalty card. Nice looking men and a little something for everybody. Nice to see a place that is not full of body obsessed no brain jerks.

reviewed on Apr 13, 2013
Dave posted a comment.

This sauna has declined - they now charge £14 and the loyalty scheme no longer exists. You also now have to pay for tea/coffee which were free; I used to be a regular at least twice a week but stopped a month ago due to the above, plus often found the place was COLD! Clientele has also changed since Waterloo station ceased being the Eurostar terminus - now appears mainly to be old fat guys using it as a cheap overnighter, therefore opportunities for action few and far between. A great shame because the staff are really good - unlike Pleasuredrome - and other guys who I used to meet up with regularly are also now going elsewhere.

reviewed on Apr 11, 2013
Jon posted a comment.

Not bad value for chariots and friendly. Sucked a lot of c*cks, licked arse and ws fun over the years!

reviewed on Feb 15, 2013
Jon posted a comment.

Really enjoyed my visit here, nice clean towels and plenty of guys here for all types .... Have been twice both at about 7 in the evening and got sucked off both times in private cubicles :-) will return again

reviewed on Oct 03, 2012
Krispy Kreme posted a comment.

Decent enough, plenty of space, easy to avoid people of you want to, but always very quiet whenever I was there. Steam room is nice, almost unbearably hot, Sauna also, but you couldn't pay me to sit in the jacuzzi: god only knows which diseases are floating around in there waiting to bite your c*ck off. Cinema is a big flat platform bed where you can watch downloaded gay porn with others, there are two gloryhole rooms, a set of lockable booths with 'beds', showers, a small changing room (in an alleyway so people pass you as your underdressing, possibly on purpose) and a large resting area where you can watch 90210 or Glee and use the Internet. On the very top floor, there's a dark room with a swing harness and another area with beds and a sofa (this is the attic, its almost pitch black up there. Watch what you sit on...). All the floors and stairs are creaky. Reception sells condoms and toys and basic snacks (coke cans, chocolate). If it was in London it would be heaving but it's nearly always empty - if there's anyone there its mostly 40-60 year old straight guys wandering aimlessly around in towels. One occasion I saw a young Chinese guy but he was too nervous to do anything, even in a steam room with several other guys wanking. It's all talk and no play, but maybe I just needed to go on different days. Apparently it stays open 24 hours sometimes.

reviewed on Feb 05, 2012
paul posted a comment.

This sauna is great value for money £12.50 entrance they do a loyaty card 6 stamps your 7 visit is free, free tea and coffee a great mix of people old n young, black and white and eastern, fat n thin big sauna and large steam room no hot tub or sun bed, loads porn plenty rest rooms plenty condoms n lube and the staff are friendly well worth a visit.

reviewed on Jan 04, 2012