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the facilities & services

Now spread over 4 floors instead of 3, we have incorporated the previously un-used basement area to give a more stylish entrance, cafe and TV lounge. Moving up the the ground floor you enter the new locker area, where you can change and shower away from the main facilities of the building. On the rest of the ground floor you will find our first cinema room and our new iPad lounge where you can surf the net. Beyond this area is the fully refurbished wet area. Sauna Cabin, Steam Room, Spa Pool, Showers, toilets and chill out area. The first floor has also enjoyed a makeover, with a new second cinema room, re-designed layout, toilets and private cinema cabin. The top floor has private rest rooms, and is due for further upgrades.


hot tub
steam room
changing room
video rooms
internet access
play rooms

the opening times

SATURDAY - MIDDAY thru SUNDAY - 10.00PM (open 24h).

the prices

Day membership including admission - £14.00.
Admission price for annual members - £13.00.
Annual Membership £3.00.
Concessions available only to annual members.

the description

A new gay men's sauna experience in Cardiff.

the contact info

50 Charles Street


CF10 2GF


029-2114 0000

from the sauna

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archer posted a comment.

Always enjoyed the place . A great crowd . Formally the locker room the place closed permanently in May 2021 having been a gay sauna for 27 years . Will be sadly missed . Thanks guys for trying to keep it afloat during the pandemic Applause to you and the crew .

best thing: The people and friendly armosphere
worst thing: The sad fact it closed permanently in May 2021
reviewed on Jun 06, 2021
Stukie posted a comment.

Just been here for the first time, Maybe I arrived too early on a Sunday morning but was told by the friendly guy at reception gets busy after midday as its cheaper to get in. As it picked up went into one of the cinema rooms. A guy came in and made it quite clear so I duly obliged. I sucked his cock for ages was fantastic. Hopefully see him again next time!

best thing: Friendly welcome
worst thing: Cant fault it
reviewed on Jul 29, 2018
PandaBear posted a comment.

Dreadful place. The Welsh guy on the door has no people skills whatsoever, he never smiles nor greets the customers with any enthusiasm. The premises are quite nice, but the place was dead when I visited (Friday afternoon). Could be a lot better. Shame about the unfriendly welcome (unusual in Wales!)

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015
robster1809 posted a comment.

Only been here once heard a lot about it (not good normally) but thought I would see for myself. Unfortunately its not a great place, the entrance and lounge area is really nice but the steam room is just a load of old plastic garden chairs and the whole place needs a bit of a clean up. Got great potential but really not a place you would want to spend much time in

reviewed on Mar 21, 2015
rob posted a comment.

Very dated. Plastic garden furniture is not what you would expect. The place also looks like it could use a shead load of bleach. At £14 a person you would have expected more

reviewed on Mar 19, 2015
mmo230 posted a comment.

The sauna is a little dated, the jacuzzi was a little too cold and the shower had almost no hot water if someone else would shower had the same time.
Steam room and finnish sauna had a perfect temperature, but are also dated. Staff was very friendly.

I was there on holiday and it was my first sauna in the UK. I was surprised that almost all costumers were completely drunk, which was very unpleasent. I flirted and had sex with about 10 men, they all sucked my dick as if it was an icecream, did not realise that uncut dicks DO NOT LIKE to be wide opened all the time (non even after you tell them not to), and that if you finger someone, you are not actually drilling him!
So UK guys, you are hot, but next time drink a little less and fuck thinking more about your partner!

reviewed on Oct 21, 2013
nerawan posted a comment.

I was there a few month ago in a week day. Spend a few hours but only 3 or 4 guys all this time. I didn't have any fun. The installations are not so bad but the rooms are small and not very comfortable.

reviewed on Jun 27, 2013
Ant posted a comment.

Went there on a Saturday afternoon, quite straightforward to sign in, etc. Only a few in there. Sat in the hot tub for five mins before two men joined me. First time for me in this environment as I am bi-curious and was just exploring. One guy starting playing footsie with me, running his foot up my thigh, I opened my legs slightly as an invitation, we all started stroking each others c*cks before going upstairs for a threesome. Wow! Two really nice guys, perfect for a first timer. Lube and condoms freely available. The place could do with a bit of decorating but I think you can overlook that for a place that took ten minutes to get into a threesome.

reviewed on Feb 02, 2013
Chris posted a comment.

Visited sauna yesterday afternoon (26th Jan) Paid the thirteen pounds entry fee, lockers were on the small side and towels to small for a larger guy like myself. Showered and went down to steam room only to find it barred of with a bench and out of action. I went straight up to bar area where i was ignered ofr several moments as young staff person was browsing the internet! when he did look up I said to him steam room was not workin to which he answered no its broken. I then informed him i had specifically came in for a steam and I now wnated to leave and have my entry fee back, he refused point blank. eventually when I would not go away he said he would call the manager but little point as he would just say the same. I told him to call the manager that I was not moving until I had my moneies returned. He then spoke to his manager and point blank lied saying i had been there for two hours! Luckily the manager agreed to give me a refund, however on leaving when i tried to hand over my locker key this staff member stood with his side to the widow smirking texting on his mobile and refusing to open the hatch.

It is such a pity that this venue which is so well placed to take advantage of not only local trade but of the very large number of international visitors has never really hit the mark in terms of staff proffesionalisim or cleanliness.
On this occaision toilets were filthy with excrement smeared over the walls and the floors are coated with calcium build up from the hard water in the Bath area, indicating they have not been acid cleaned for a very long time. The shower trays had black mould all around the edges, very poor.

reviewed on Jan 27, 2013
Big Dick Dave posted a comment.

This sauna has been closed down by the police for not having a licence .

reviewed on Jan 26, 2013
Ian posted a comment.

The premises are very dated for a city spa could do with a major revamp they can afford it for £14 a head the showers did not work the steam room would benfit a bench rather than plastic garden furniture all in all not worth the visit.

reviewed on Jan 25, 2013