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the facilities & services

Facilities include a large sauna, hot jacuzzi, cruise rooms, chill zone, glory holes, dungeon and roof top garden.


hot tub
changing room
play rooms
glory hole

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Open 7 days a week noon till late.

the prices

£11 daytime.
£7 after 6pm.
£17 for a 2 day pass.
£28 for a 4 day pass.

the description

Heroes is a health club, offering a safe horny and pressure free experience to gay and bisexual men. Whether its your first time or you are a regular visitor our aim is to ensure that everyone has as much fun as possible. Our friendly team here at Heroes are always available to provide you with any help should you need it.

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5 Lower High Street





01384 442 030

from the sauna

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Alan H posted a comment.

I visited Heroes for the first time yesterday, Sunday, 27th May 2018. It is the third sauna that I have visited and, maybe I have been a little spoiled by the other two, but I was disappointed. It definitely would rank as third out of the three. Possibly because it was Bank Holiday weekend, there were relatively few people there, but the facilities were, in my opinion, unimpressive. My overriding memory of the place is long, windy, dark corridors leading, in the most case, to nowhere.

There is a small sauna and steam room, both of which were clean and adequate, a lovely warm hot tub and a pleasant outdoor smoking area. The cinemas were OK, with the movies below average in quality, and the private rooms clean and functional. There was no dark room, so the steam room seemed to be the place where guys relaxed and played.

There is nothing about Heroes that I would count as a negative, but at the same time there is little to recommend it. If it is your 'local' I suggest that you check it out, but I would not suggest that you make a great effort to visit it otherwise when there are more attractive alternatives in the Midlands.

best thing: Clean and comfortable. Nice hot tub and steam room
worst thing: There is little to offer - unless you love corridors!
reviewed on May 28, 2018
misterg posted a comment.

I'm going to be honest, I hadn't been here for a decade and had been mulling going back over as a change from my regular haunts but I do love a good naked day so called in here.
Heroes is in the Town Centre of Stourbridge and the entrance is discrete at the side of the building. There is limited parking outside but pay and display near by. On street parking is free for an hour only.
Anyway went in and the entrance is pretty unremarkable and I thought oh lord whats this going to be like.
I paid my £11 and pottered in. The changing room is the first room you get to and it's fine although lockers are small.
You then go into a very dark corridor with staris up and down. Downstairs there is a sling room, a couple of other rooms and a decent sized TV lounge which is comfy.
On the ground floor there are some glory holes, the cafe (Big TV playing the news, sofas and a couple of internet computers. There is also the showers (really warm) steam room and hot tub.
Upstairs there are more playrooms and the sauna which is a decent size. There is also an outdoor area for smokers and those who like a bit of outdoor fun.
So that covers what there is there. What is nice is the whole place is lovely and warm, it's immaculately clean and has been refurbished relatively recently and looks very good.
The staff are helpful professional and attentive and the whole place is evidently well run.
Like any sauna the fun bit is the other guys and I had hoped that with them offering free entry to the under 22's there might be a few younger lads in there but it was predominantly guys who weren't in the first flush of youth shall we say? They also seemed to mainly know each other and it was relaxed, friendly, respectful without any pressure I liked the place and would cheerfully give it a 7 for my experience on the day. A few guys under 40ish would have pushed this to a 9. Overall a good experience

reviewed on Feb 26, 2016
mark andrew posted a comment.

Having visited saunas throughout the UK, this has to be one of the best in terms of facilities alone. Spread over 3 floors, it has everything any sauna should have: Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, dark areas, tv lounges; both porn and ordinary tv, roof terrace for smokers or sun bathers, and numerous private rooms and alcoves; oh and 2 slings. As far as clientelle are concerned, this is variable. The early afternoon 1-3, and early evening 6-7 tend to be the busiest period; at 6pm the price drops so there is an influx at this time, and on a Friday evening a buffet is served included in the price, so this is busy. The age range is large, from the very young(under 22s get in free) to the very old. There are 3-4 different staff, ranging from very friendly to just about reasonable. The owner/manager is often around, and is always approachable. Over the 15 or so years this has been running, he is often updating and improving the place: It is always clean.

reviewed on Dec 09, 2013
nerawan posted a comment.

I visited this place a few months ago in the week. One of the most empty places I have ever found . Spend about 3 hours but nothing happened. Never go back.

reviewed on Jun 27, 2013
Sam posted a comment.

i went there 1 week ago and considering this would be my1st ever visit to a gay sauna i loved it.very relaxed.in the loun ge room i got shagged and sucked,then i went to the glory holes and got the best blow job ever,and to round it off i sucked and got f*cked in the sauna.IM definately returning this week.in fact tommorrow

reviewed on Jun 09, 2013
Kid69 posted a comment.

Good clean sauna recently refurbished. Went two weeks ago had a great time during the day was knackered out at the end though! Had fun with two different guys in the jacuzzi will go downstairs with them next time! I Will be back soon but will go on the evening for more intimate hot times!

reviewed on May 30, 2013
BigHairy posted a comment.

Big place, easy to park, bit tatty inside. Not surprised, never anyone there. I did meet one chap one visit who was hairy all over. Nice. H let me kiss him head to toe, and we pulled each other on the sofa in the TV room. 2nd visit I was the only one there, the staff was bored too, and let me sodomise him. I went on a saturday and watched 2 african chaps do each other, and an old bloke helped me piss - I love that - but there was no-one else there.

reviewed on May 14, 2013