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steam room
changing room
internet access

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Monday to Friday 11am to 9pm close.
Saturday 11am to 9pm close.
Sunday 11am to 4pm close.

the prices

Our Daily entry is great value at only £13 for an all-day pass. Students £10.

the description

ME1 Sauna is discreetly located just off Rochester High Street close to the Ship pub and a couple of minutes walk from Rochester railway station. We offer a modern and friendly sauna complex in the heart of the Medway Towns. Facilities include large sauna and steam rooms, relaxation cabins, free internet cafe, complimentary tea and coffee, personal lockers, & Towel , 3 lounge areas plus lots lots more.... We also Supply Free Lube & Comdoms around the Venue.

the contact info

Foundry Wharf

High St



01634 401 226

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Alexx posted a comment.

Not sure what I was expecting, being close to London, but I was really pleasently suprised. Everywhere was clean and tidy. Staff were really friendly and helpful. Like elsewhere there were a few guys endlessly walking around, so boring, but overall the clientele were willing to engage and up for fun, however, I did go on bear day so perhaps a friendlier bunch. Worth a visit if you are in that area and I'm looking forward to going again.

best thing: Clean, well working facilities, liked the bigger play rooms.
worst thing: I had to go on the M25 to get there
reviewed on Aug 12, 2023
The naughycdslut posted a comment.

Wow what can one say...
Had a few days down them ways, and came here to check this place out. So so glad I did, top draw one of my top five.
Large layout, ( except the CD/TV dressing room lol ). great mix of guys, they were queuing up to to fill me up both ends. Was dressed like a schoolgurl ;-), CD day.
Also went the next day, witch was naked day. Again got alot of attention, came away from there well and truly "Serviced". This must be tried guys, you won't be disappointed...
Lots of love Steph xXx ;-)
Clean, very friendly staff, great entry price and free tea and coffee. All-round good sauna

best thing: Amount of action
worst thing: Having to leave...
reviewed on Jul 11, 2023
St70 posted a comment.

I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve visited. Compared to other places they make a real effort on cleanliness throughout. Good mix of guys of all aged and types, especially at my favourite, the ‘Naked Saturday’s’ which has always been busy when I’ve been. Being honest, is skewed 40+ but I’ve always found a good range of younger guys whenever I’ve visited. There’s no predicting as to when it is really busy; I’ve been on a Monday with no specific event on and there were about 20 guys there between 11am – 3pm (probably a max of 15 at any time) – some days there will be more or less.
If you are hesitant in visiting, don’t be! It’s in a discreet location but still easy to get to (train station c.10 mins walk and parking on the local roads / close car park – c.£3 for four hours). Friendly reception and once inside I’ve never experienced any intimidation and if you aren’t interested, I’ve found just a polite “no thanks” or “I’m resting” is always accepted. If you are interested then some eye contact and / or a gentle touch, moving your towel or playing with your cock or balls usually works. If you are curious, you don’t have to do anything – I’ve wanked off a shy straight guy and that was fine for both of us – what ‘happens in the sauna, stays in the sauna’, so to speak. Don’t be afraid to let someone know what you want to do – nothing should be forced an people are open to different things (gave a twink a slow prostate massage once which drove him wild). It’s also pleasant enough just to relax in the sauna and steam room as long as you want.
There’s plenty of variety in the various places for action – lounge area, sauna, steam room and a good number of cabins, (no action in jacuzzi for cleanliness) so depending on whether you are comfortable in public areas or want some privacy, there’s all options. There’s also glory holes, swing, cross, etc. The top floor darker seating areas and also the actual dark room are pretty arousing and there’s usually the option to be part of or watch group action here too. If you just want to stroke yourself in those areas, that’s always been fine too and I’ve enjoyed using cock rings and a silicone ball stretcher which got me some good attention…
Plenty of free lube and condoms, good showers and decent shower gel.
Since the internet site was updated a few months ago (at last!) I think it’s got busier. Costs must be rising (all that electricity for heat!), so I think it’s important to support a place like this (use it or lose it – and if it’s lost I fear it would never come back). Prices are very fair, in my view.
So I’d say go for it - indulge your curiosity, live your fantasies and experience enjoyment, rather than regret delaying or not going at all!
(I’m in no way connected to this business – just the views of someone who waited too long to come out / experiment and am keen that others get the enjoyment they deserve. I realise that sites like this are important to people who are ‘finding their way’)

best thing: Cleanliness
reviewed on Jan 06, 2023
kiwicruise posted a comment.

Visited on a Saturday afternoon - no towell day. Very friendly environment.The venue is large enough to provide loads of play and chill spots and opportunities. Small enough not to be daunting. Was busy. Good size crowd leaning toward a majority being in the 40+ age group but guess that depends on what day of the week.The facilities were good and very clean. Never felt threatened. The other visitors were friendly. Some very hot group action on the upper floors and the dark room was big enough to play host to a large group. Management were on the ball, and complimentary drinks/tea/coffee a good touch.
I had given up on saunas many years ago, but more than happy I paid a visit to ME1. From its discreet entrance, to the attitude of the staff, and the quality and cleanliness of the facilities - ME1 has completely changed my perception of saunas and I will be going back again and again.

best thing: Everything
worst thing: May just have been the day of the week, but the crowd could be younger - but that's up to "us younger patrons" to decide to get out there and visit and reassure other younger guys that they won't be the only ones there.
reviewed on Sep 22, 2022
Youngboy21 posted a comment.

Went there recently very nice clean sauna. But could anyone tell me when it mostly gets busy I usually go weekdays on Friday? Do I have to wait for Saturdays?

best thing: Steamroom
reviewed on Sep 27, 2021
Wiggy72 posted a comment.

Never been to any thing like this before.
Great place and I’ll defiantly go back.
Clean tidy friendly helpful staff and nice crowd of people

best thing: Nice jacuzzi
reviewed on Sep 25, 2021
jackfan1 posted a comment.

Great Sauna, very clean and well looked after, with a nice mixed crowd, staff are also more than helpful. Jacuzzi is large, good sized steam and sauna's too, the Naked Day is also very busy. definitely worth the trip out of London.

best thing: good clean well maintained facilites
worst thing: No outside space
reviewed on Aug 30, 2018
davesimm posted a comment.

Went to this sauna one afternoon in November. Staff were friendly, the place was fairly clean but some furniture/fixtures like the table cover upstairs,sofas,towels,bit shabby and torn the worse for wear. Best to wear flip flops as lots of stairs. Some lockers are too small but they got cupboard for big coats and bags. Mix of ages and types sizes of guys there someone for everyone, surprised previous review as people there not dull or boring there's no reason to throw a hissy fit about the staff and bitch about other customers just because your not all that and didn't get laid. All in all a good experience.

best thing: Entry price
worst thing: Some areas badly need redecorating
reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
deanowilko posted a comment.

A nicely laid out sauna. Its just such a shame about the staff. They act like a bunch of queens. The guy on reception was moaning i had too many towels. When i asked for anything he was generally offish. Everything was too much trouble. A very negative day. The clientelle were pretty dull too. We all go there to relax but just sitting about watching TV is something I can do at home!

best thing: Free tea and coffee.
worst thing: We now know where all the gay boring,fat,bald people go of a weekend.
reviewed on Nov 06, 2016
PandaBear posted a comment.

Immaculately clean with great facilities. However, the business is run in a very amateur way (see the website, with spelling mistakes and blocky fonts and no images whatsoever). The staff are reasonably friendly and welcoming although they don't take cards (cash only). They run some themed days, but these seem poorly attended. The jacuzzi and sauna was top-notch but the top floor cruise area feels cramped and stuffy. A long trip out of London (you can take the fast train from St Pancras) but hardly worth it given the poor attendance figures.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015