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the facilities & services

400 locker changing room, large spa seating over 20, 2 steam rooms, 2 saunas, lots of private room, encounter areas and dark areas, lounge, massage - by qualified masseurs in our dedicated massage suite.


hot tub
steam room
changing room
internet access
play rooms
bar area

the opening times

24/7 365 days a year.

the prices

£12 with voucher at the allotted times.
£12 age 25 and under at all times with proof of age.
£17 general admission at all times.

A number of private rooms are available for your exclusive use at a rate of £4 for two hours.

the description

Pleasuredrome is a remarkable sauna and spa for gay and bi-sexual men. Unlike most of 'gay London' we are gay owned and gay managed. Pleasuredrome attracts guys of all types and ages from London and across the world.

We are unique in being open continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year: WE NEVER CLOSE. Pleasuredrome has been running for over 15 years and has recently undergone a major refurbishment.

the contact info

Arch 124 Cornwall Road (corner of Alaska Street)



02076 339 194

from the sauna

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Alexx posted a comment.

A small sauna, facilities are kept very clean and the staff are on the whole very friendly and approachable. Little bar area is a really nice place to hang out and has some pleasant social activity. The clientele are a real mix, lots of really handsome guys, some sexy bearded guys, some older. The worst thing about this place is the very cold distant attitude of some of the guys,when in the areas to hookup, no eye contact, no smiles, just staring past everyone. Honestly it's the biggest turn off, lots just wandering round looking for a guy that isn't there. And when you do hook up it with a guy that isn't affectionate and doesnt want to kiss. Come on lads you need to be a lot more friendly and a lot more confident to initiate action, especially some group action, isn't that what we're all there for.

best thing: The bar
worst thing: The cold, distant attitude of some of the guys
reviewed on Jan 03, 2023
janiator001 posted a comment.

The Facility was clean and looks like some upgrades were done, However the costs of food and drink is very expensive.
The private rooms were 99% had to be paid for to use as for those rooms the doors were not full to the floor people could see in or look over and to go to places like these people would like privacy and not to have to pay to enjoy 1-2-1 at extra costs.
the showers in the tunnel section along with the steam rooms stunk very badly and was off putting, I give it 3 stars only due to the fact the hot tub although large was nice including the loungers that were heated all in all an ok place to visit but not at the costs.

best thing: hot tub
worst thing: very expensive on drinks and food
reviewed on Aug 11, 2021
misterg posted a comment.

It's been a long time since I've been to the Pleasuredrome, but what a magnificent sauna. This is probably the finest sauna in the UK. You go in, pay your money and head to the locker rooms, which are a bit of a squeeze and the numbering system is unusual to say the least! That said once you've past the test it is down another staircase. There are six cabins which cost a little to rent plus probably the most unusual location for showers in London, full height of the place. Really smart.
Carrying on through there is a bar area which is charming, there is a hot tub nearby and a very small very hot sauna, If you work your way past the bar you go into a little maze which leads to walk through showers - great for cock watching. Carry on through and there is a cinema and then another sauna, beyond that a very very dark room and then a steam room.
There is another way up the stairs and there is a load of quiet rooms plus lots of screens playing porn.
Now most provincial saunas are filled to the brim with dirty ugly fat old men. This attracts a far nicer crowd,lots of younger people, lots of very fit lads.
I'll not go into detail but I left with one hell of a smile on my face.
This place is impeccable, staff are truly helpful and there is a warm welcome.
It's a cut above any sauna I've been to in the UK.

best thing: The Crowds
worst thing: Nothing!
reviewed on Jul 13, 2016
Alex posted a comment.

Agreed that you always found someone to have sex with here. However there are 2 drawbacks: constant interruptions of the staff looking for drugs, even if they know you're in the cabin having sex! Secondly; lack of disposable anal douche. No sauna in Britain provides this facility, which is such a shame in 2016 because we all need that for obvious reasons.

reviewed on Feb 07, 2016
PandaBear posted a comment.

Excellent sauna. Immaculately clean and has an industrial feel (it's under the arches of the railway line). An upstairs cruise area with plenty of private cabins and screens showing porn. Nice steel-clad bar area and pitch black steam room, and a lit sauna. Lots of walking around doing nothing, but if you make the first move, there are some very hot guys that visit here. They also do special deals in QX and Boyz magazine with a £5 off voucher if you arrive before 2pm in the weekdays. A great sauna, always hot horny times here.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015
gizzy posted a comment.

well i decided to go here instead of chariots, and i proved it to be a mistake

on arrival its discreet and pleasent, i was greeted and had the rules explained, given some towls and let in

the locker room is a little cramped but tidy, i got undressed and ventured out, the facilities are very good steam rooms, sauna huge pool/jacuzzi, all good

however this harmony is sadly let down by upstairs, the play area its quite frankly disgusting as you get halfway up the stairs the smell hits you, of sex and sweat and not in a romantic novel way its gross

the rooms are tiny cramped and dirty, the cleaner was there but watching two guys over a door

if you want to relax go there and use the facilities they are great

but stay to downstairs venturing further will only dissapoint

reviewed on Sep 06, 2014
mark andrew posted a comment.

This is one of the largest saunas in London, and probably the only one to boast that it NEVER closes. You could go there at 3am on Christmas Day, or 3pm on the hottest day in July and there would be people there. It has all the facilities a sauna of this size should have, including 2 steam rooms and 2 saunas. Because of the central location and 24 hour opening there really should be somebody for everybody here.. there are all types, ages, sizes, races and little attitude.
So why do I give it only 7/10? The atmosphere is frenetic: The place is, tv, machinery and nearby train noise all mingle, so it is not a relaxing place to be. The staff maybe efficient, but certainly not friendly. This lacks the warmth and friendliness of some of the smaller saunas. It's not a place to meet and make friends...just a glorified sex club...which is what most people use it for.

reviewed on Dec 13, 2013
Nerawan posted a comment.

There was a time (some 12 years ago) when this sauna was so good. Free drinks and plenty of rooms. Then they started to rebuilt and the free drinks finished with the new bar. Also they made half of the rooms private and finally about 2 years ago they removed the locks from the free rooms and there is not any privacy since people keep opening the doors. Also very ANNOYING are the cleaners who are patrolling the place but mostly looking for an opportunity to have fun. The last time I was there (2 months ago) at about 9 p.m. there were more staff than customers. Sadly all the saunas in London are going down and in my case I look for another places (Manchester or Leeds).

reviewed on May 09, 2013
Graham posted a comment.

They need to sort their drugs policy out. Even with a couple of deaths there recently and their apparent new drugs policy check - there is still a blind eye being turned to drugs entering the premises. Weekends are awful with many of the guys "off their face!" The staff just ignore the problem.

It's another disaster waiting to happen!

reviewed on Feb 28, 2013