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the facilities & services

Swimming pool, Spa pool, Sauna, Steam rooms, Rest rooms, Bar/Free WiFi, Restaurant/Free WiFi, Internet Suite, Fetish Style Rooms, Conservatory, Roof garden.


hot tub
steam room
video rooms
internet access
play rooms
glory hole
bar area
swimming pool

the opening times

Mon: 10 am - Midnight.
Tues: 10 am - Midnight.
Wed: 10 am - Midnight.
Thur: 10 am - Midnight.
Fri: 10 am - 4 am.
Sat: 10 am - 4 am.
Sun: 10 am - Midnight.

the prices

Monday - £16.
Tuesday - £16.
Wednesday - £16.
Thursday - £16.
Friday - £16.
Saturday - £16.
Sunday - £16.

Weekly pass £40. Come as many times as you like in 7 days.
Student/Under 25s £10 entrance.

the description

The Greenhouse Darlaston (Walsall) is our most exclusive of clubs. It has been recently fully refurbished with modern furnishings and facilities. Various club night events.

the contact info

Willenhall Road


WS10 8JG

01215 686 126

from the sauna

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Rickster posted a comment.

hi i have been to Birmingham GreenHouse a few times now ,never had any problems there, like Fridays were i can walk around in sexy lingerie freshly shaved, and see some sexy looking girls there, looking forward to visiting again soon

best thing: walk around with no hassle
worst thing: none really
reviewed on Dec 25, 2023
Alan UK posted a comment.

The Darlaston Greenhouse re-opened in July 2021 after a 15-month Covid shutdown. Currently, to gain entry you need to provide a 'Covid passport' or some other proof of immunity. For those familiar with the place from before the lockdown, the facilities largely remain unchanged, apart from some improvements in the basement. There is an outdoor sunlounger and (separate) smoking area, a dry sauna, two steam rooms, two dark rooms, 8 gloryhole compartments, a gay cinema, a bi cinema, a fetish room which includes a sling, a cinema and a piss play cubicle and a number of private rooms. Admission is £17, which is pretty steep, although parking is free. It open 7 days a week from 10.00 am. Wednesdays ('Dare to Bare' days) are the busiest weekdays, whilst Fridays are 'Tranny' days. Weekends are popular, especially the third Saturday of each month, which is designated 'Bears Day'. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with a wide range of ages and nationalities and a mixture of regulars and new guys.

best thing: My preference is the piss play area on the first floor
worst thing: There is a large room which was converted into a dance floor that is only used on Saturday evenings
reviewed on Apr 01, 2022
Private Myy posted a comment.

Update on my previous review a few years ago ( Things have definitely improved. Unfortunately the cellar dark room is nothing compared to what it was. However upstairs is now quite busy especially around the gloryhole area and particularly on a Wednesday (naked day).

reviewed on Mar 09, 2022
ottersteve posted a comment.

I have visited this place on several occasions over the 20 years since it opened. Always had a good time. No complaints there. The place itself though is looking a bit "tired" now and needs some serious money spending on it. The floor around the pool needs totally re-doing (slowly breaking up). The swimming pool looked slightly "cloudy" and could we have some pegs to hang towels on please?. Upstairs, facilities are holding up well.

best thing: Bears day
worst thing: needs updating.
reviewed on Aug 31, 2019
Hairyassedbottom posted a comment.

I love this place! Last time I was there, about a year ago now, it was on a bank-holiday Monday and it was JUMPING. Men of all aged, colours, shapes and sizes. Lovely staff and well maintained areas. Good food, served all day. Down side was - they were charging for condoms and lube.

best thing: Choice of men
worst thing: Charging for condoms & lube.
reviewed on Jul 16, 2019
seablue posted a comment.

It has been some time since I made the trip south to the Greenhouse, cannot understand the negative reviews, as I always rated this sauna no 1 in the UK. Secure car park, warm welcome from the guy on reception, I thought all areas we super clean, a must in any sauna.

The ground floor shower area has been re tiled, and good it looks too, new showers also, the jacuzzi was very warm, the steam rooms hot, just the one upstairs a bit loo dark for me. Sauna was warm, could have been hotter to work up a sweat.

What makes the Greenhouse stand out though is the ' Swimming pool ' in the past the temperature was a shade cool, but on this visit, wow warm - you could stay in it for ages.

I visited on a Wednesday, ' au natural ' day.... the towel was well a bit small... but then it was nude day.
£16 a visit may seem high to some but the facilities are top notch... a replacement towel is 30p mmm perhaps 2 free towels would
be more acceptable.

I did not try the cafe but in the past always been good.

As mentioned I had not been for a while, in the past au naturel day was always very popular, I thought no where near as many there on this visit

best thing: The brilliant warm swimming pool
worst thing: - everything works and a .. warm reception too
reviewed on May 31, 2019
Sub_for_older posted a comment.

Love the greenhouse i am quite shy as i am not very big but i love older men & specialy older men dominant or not i am always in the dark room downstairs love not seeing who is touching me i cum in seconds if ever they need a sub to be tied down and feed cum im there man

best thing: The dark room
worst thing: No dark bdsm room
reviewed on Oct 10, 2018
Alexx posted a comment.

This is easily the best gay sauna. Easy on site parking, very friendly staff, large exciting layout, you don't know who you might meet around the corner. Great crowd on bear day and naked day. Had some really horny fun here, great 121s and group fun. Pool is great to cool off in. Looking forward to my next visit.

best thing: The cinema room, the large pool
worst thing: Nothing
reviewed on Sep 28, 2018
Simon Jones posted a comment.

I have been visiting the Greenhouse in Darlaston for almost a year now, with approximately a dozen visits over that time; this, I believe, makes me 'qualified' to comment upon it. I accept that I did not know what it was like in the 'good old days' when the prices were lower, so I cannot make a comparison with then, but as such a comparison would be irrelevant to anybody currently considering going for the first time, I do not think that it is necessary.

I would say that there are two issues to be addressed here: value for money and quality of product. The admission price of £16 is not cheap, but it is less than the price of a round of drinks and, assuming that a person only visits every few weeks, as I tend to, a relatively small cost per month or year. Furthermore, parking is free and towels, lube and condoms - and sometimes food and soft drinks - are provided for free, too.

The quality of the product comes down to two things - the facilities and the atmosphere in the establishment. The facilities are extensive; the locker room may be somewhat cramped, but it is not impossible to change there, and sometimes the saunas themselves are not as warm as they might be, but, considering the size of the building and the number of features, there are far more positives than negatives to the place. When everything is operating, there is a decent-sized pool - which is barely used, in my experience - a hot tub that could fit up to 10, two wet saunas, one dry sauna and four showers. And that's just the sauna aspect of the place! As far as 'entertainment' is concerned, there are two cinemas, at least two communal darkrooms, six gloryhole booths, numerous small private rooms and booths and areas of 'specialist' interest, such as a dungeon and watersports area. There is also a smoking area, a relaxation lounge and even an outside area on the roof.

In my experience, Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays (which is called 'Dare to Bare' day, where patrons are encouraged to go naked) are the busiest and, therefore, the most active. Perhaps if a few more guys were less shy about covering themselves up with their towels the rest of the time - after all, we are all there for the same thing and there is no need to be modest - there would be no need for a 'Dare to Bare' day at all! Nobody ever strikes me as being there for the sauna, pool or hot tub, and the films in the cinema are not good enough to justify going there for them, so, logically, guys must be going there mainly for 'fun'! So relax and let everyone see what you have, guys......

If you go into 90% of the rooms you will be 'safe' from any unwanted attention; guys will be friendly but I personally have never experienced or witnessed any 'pushiness' by anybody on anyone (which does not necessarily mean to say that it does not happen, of course). If you go into the dark rooms you will find hands and bodies aplenty; if that does not appeal to you either don't go in there in the first place or leave when it happens.

In summary, therefore, this sauna is (mostly) clean, warm, comfortable, enjoyable and friendly, with a wide variety of clientele and attractions to keep both newcomers and regulars satisfied. I think that it's worth the admission price, too.

best thing: A friendly, exciting atmosphere with a variety of attractions
worst thing: Occasionally, one of the saunas is either not working or is not warm enough
reviewed on Jan 12, 2018
Alan H posted a comment.

As I visited this sauna for only the first time yesterday, I thought that I would pass on some comments here which might be useful to others considering taking that first step, too. Note that I have limited experience of other saunas in the UK, so I will not be making comparisons with other venues.

The admission price is £16, which is clearly not cheap, but it is a quality establishment, clean, large and with numerous variety and facilities - something for everyone, I would say. The staff are pleasant and co-operative and there is a friendly feel to the place. There is a decently-sized, deep pool, a hot (well, warm!) tub, a dry sauna and a steam room each with enough space for over a dozen people, as well as showers, a locker room etc..

For those going there for sex there are a number of smaller cubicles or rooms with beds, half a dozen glory holes and a dark room - not that anybody seemed to object to sexual activity in the other areas as well - several screens with films, and a room signposted 'The Dungeon' (which was empty when I visited it!)

There were a wide range of ages and types there yesterday - some bolder, some shyer - with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. As a first timer I did not feel like an 'outsider' - I was neither ignored nor pestered but treated with respect.

I would have no hesitation recommending this place to guys of any age and type - as long as you can afford £16. If you want to cover yourself up with your towel and stick to the sauna and pool you can; alternatively, if you are looking for some 'fun' you will be able to find it, too. I plan to return and try out some of the 'Events' nights, too, such as 'Dare to Bare' (Wednesdays), Bear night and Tranny night.

best thing: Exploring in the dark room!
worst thing: Its is like a rabbit warren and easy to forget where a room is
reviewed on Sep 11, 2017
Darryl posted a comment.

Best sauna visited so far, *****
Parking is limited but plenty of it, door prices have gone up since my last visit but I can see they are spending it on updating the sauna. New room's been installed. This place is always busy. Love the pool.
Staff are very nice and the food & drink choice is brilliant.
Did feel slightly embarrassed to ask for condoms and lube.

best thing: Swimming pool
worst thing: It's to far from my house or I would be in every day.
reviewed on Sep 08, 2017
PrivateMYY posted a comment.

What has happened to The Greenhouse - Darlaston???

I Remember going on a Wednesday 2/3 years ago and being Fuckeddd 17 times in one afternoon in the cellar. Was back there recently at the same time on a Wednesday and noboby!!! Where have all the Tops gone?

best thing: Was AMAZING a few years ago ; )))
worst thing: Not so good now ; (((
reviewed on Jun 23, 2017
annjum posted a comment.

I am writing this email with deep regret.

I visited the Greenhouse on the Friday the 24th of this March after a short break. I have disgusted to see the downfall of the Greenhouse. The whole of the Greenhouse has gone downhill. There are various reason in my knowledge and they are:-

1. The after 9pm price had risen from £10 to £14.

2. The attitude of the reception / bar staff needs to be improved at lot.

3. As I was dressed in T-Girl attire, I requested the key the the girls room. The key had no locker number of it. I literally had to check / go through all the lockers to find the right locker appertaining to the key I was given.

4. The girls room was cold. A table had been put in the middle of the room making is uncomfortable, that made the movement of the girls in the room very tight.

5. On my way up, I was harassed by the group of Asian men, who had congregated at the top of the stairs. Hold me, pulling me towards them, one also made a comment the his uncle is randy and wants me to service him. I was very polite and got myself away from them. But every time I went past them, there were sexual comments made. I did not wanted cause any stir, I decided not to go past them again.

6. One of the entrance to the rooms had a noticed that "No heels allowed: I did got no in at all.

7. There was no supply of condoms and lube.

I cut my visit to no more than 30 minutes in absolute shame. I felt the it was a big waste of money.

What happened to the good staff like "H" and bobby?

best thing: Nothing now
worst thing: The attitude of the staff at the reception and the bar staff.
reviewed on Apr 12, 2017
samw posted a comment.

I thought I'd try the Dare to Bare Wednesday session having been to the equivalent (by accident) at the Greenhouse in Luton (great fun). Bearing in mind that this session is 'strictly no towels to be worn' I was surprised to be handed a towel with my locker key on arrival. The whole point of the session is to ensure total nudity but with the option of covering up with a towel a large proportion of the clientele chose that option.
Do what Luton does, give the guests a small hand towel (the size of a large flannel) to sit on in the sauna for example, but definitely not big enough to wrap around your waist.

best thing: Big place with a mixed clientele. Nice pool.
worst thing: Didn't deliver on the promise. Also, not enough food at the free buffet. I didn't get anything.
reviewed on Aug 22, 2016
atsd posted a comment.

Massive place with nice facilities. Friendly staff. Decent food served here. Take your own beer.

reviewed on Feb 17, 2016
Robjackson236 posted a comment.

I first went to Greenhouse this summer and didn't really know what to expect but I have to say I'm impressed. For what your actually going there to do it's perfect, secluded, private and full of cock. The first time I went straight to the Hot tub where two older guy started touching my legs I didn't discourage them so we ended up kissing and then they asked me if I wanted to go upstairs with them, which I did. It's nice and open the rooms vary in size and shape. There are sofas to watch TV and glory holes, a water room and steam rooms. They took me into one of the rooms and left the door open they spit roasted me and then asked if I wanted to go to the cinema. I said yes and they took me to this open area with a bed in the middle and fucked me in front of about two guys then as time went on I realise there was a crowd of 8-10 guys watching and wanking, I loved it! Overall it's a great place to go. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday's are quiet but still loads of cock and Wednesday and Saturdays are busiest. If you ever want to meet me drop me a message or I'm always sitting by the indoor pool.

reviewed on Jan 04, 2016
xerxes1 posted a comment.

A large, well equipped, and well attended sauna.

At £14, it is expensive, but the facilities are good, and numbers generally strong.

The locker numbering system is the most obtuse known to man, but once you have found your locker, and slipped on a towel, the fun begins.

There is a big café area serving hot and cold drinks, and food which is reasonably priced, clean and tidy. From the inner hallway, a stairs leads downstairs to a dungeon, which used to see a lot of action, but now feels a little tired. To the left is a steam room, swimming pool and hot tub. The steam room is good for encounters, but the hot tub is best. A surreptitious foot rub or thigh touch underwater establishes contact, and away you go. Full sex is common. The swimming pool can be quiet, but there is a lovely hidden grotto if you want to get to know your fellow swimmers better.

Upstairs is substantial. There is a steam room and sauna, glory hole room, rest rooms and public area playing porn, private rest rooms, bi cinema, gay cinema, BDSM room and watersports room. Wednesdays is busiest with plenty of action to be had. In the cinema guys cant keep their hands off each others cocks, in the watersports room, just kneel and wait, and you will soon get covered.

reviewed on Aug 26, 2015
shef2notz posted a comment.

What makes this place impressive is the facilities: it's massive with all the facilities you expect but also with a swimming pool, reasonably priced food, a roof terrace, two car parks, and several cinemas playing different stuff to cater for different sexual tastes and preferences.

There are three key disadvantages though: it's not well catered for by public transport, the M6 in the area is an absolute nightmare (I had a 30 mile detour home the last time I went) and it's very cliquey and so not that friendly compared to other places.

That said, I do like it here.

reviewed on Apr 28, 2015
Wet4u posted a comment.

I've been a regular at darlaston greenhouse sauna for a good few years now, but in the last 12 months or so, it just does not feel welcoming anymore, it's expensive at 14 pounds. Admission, the floor area around the downstairs showers needs repairing and a coat or two of floor paint, and the showers and steam room downstairs have a bad stale odour from the drains, there is a new water sports room if you want to get pissed on, with the exit right onto a corridor with exits to upstairs showers, but basically everyone needs to walk through piss soaked floors, toilets need a good clean and repair, and upstairs the playrooms are all falling apart with doors falling off, so after paying a 14 quid entrance fee, I felt ripped off, on the other hand if you want pissy floors, drain smells, and guaranteed bareback fucking in the dungeon and a nice cup of tea, then this is for you.
Be lucky.

reviewed on Nov 15, 2014
conan65 posted a comment.

This was my first time visiting a sauna. Went on a Thursday afternoon. My initial nervousness soon evaporated as the other guys were friendly and no pressure to do anything. The building is on four floors and a complex of rooms and corridors, but when you get your head around the layout, its fine. I soon lost my inhibitions of being naked, wandering around and in fact, will return on a Wednesday when its no towels day.....after years of Gaydar and hours of searching for a sex partner, I should have saved my time and energy and just gone to a sauna, where its on tap and the choice is tip is to check the website for the specialist days. For eg.... I wont go on a Friday when its TV day...not my thing. Will be back for sure and this has given me the confidence to visit other saunas to compere....

reviewed on Oct 03, 2014
Birmingham-boy posted a comment.

The place is looking a little shabby but if you go to look at the architecture your going for the wrong reason. Depending on staff some are friendly with others rude.
Would be nice to see a few cleaners, tidying up as the private rooms do get a bit vile and smelly. Roof terrace is a total sun trap shame the old tubby guys sit there wiggling their c*cks ( no stop that).

Only major comment is dont eat there - I had lunch there at my last visit and day later became seriously ill with diaorroea (could be a coinsidence but that was the only item I had different from my work colleagues and family).
Give the place a good, make your own mind up

reviewed on Jul 23, 2013
alan posted a comment.

I love the place. I've had so much fun here, but I think Wednesday's is a wasted day. it's not everybody that has the confidence to walk around naked. and not all men look that good naked either.

reviewed on Jul 19, 2013
John posted a comment.

i have been there a while ago but am going on sunday lunch time hope to have fun

reviewed on Jul 18, 2013
Pvcjulie posted a comment.

Hi I was there last Friday in my pink pvc dress, but warm but loved it had some lovely c*ck, and will definatly go again

reviewed on Jul 18, 2013
peter posted a comment.

wow! I had a great time today. I just lay in a dark room and waited. some really nice men came in and groped me which was very nice, but one man in particular gave me a good rogering and I certainly hope to see him again.

reviewed on Jul 16, 2013
Gordon posted a comment.

I honestly can't believe the reviews with more than one star, it's the dirtiest germ ridden sauna I have been in. The staff were unfriendly, the whole place looked like it needs a major scrub down and the hot tub had green water in. The sauna was being used to dry towels and the steam room was out of action.
It's not worth the entrance fee in any way.

reviewed on Jul 13, 2013
JB posted a comment.

I'm thinking of going this Sunday. First timer. What's the etiquette?

reviewed on Jul 12, 2013
Patricio posted a comment.

I was there only once and really enjoyed the time spent with two British. Place was clean, not so new, though. I travel a lot 'cross the Europe and perceive this sauna as very British while being homely and little bit cluttered.
And there was a nice foreigner at the reception, such a hot lad!

reviewed on Jul 12, 2013
alan posted a comment.

it was a bit slow yesterday[Tuesday].I love the dark rooms, but there wasn't much going on. I would love to go on Wednesday's[dare to bare] day but i'm a bit wary. if anybody's gone on a Wednesday and gone naked, tell me how it went.

reviewed on Jul 10, 2013
peter posted a comment.

I had a great couple of hours there today. for the last hour I just lay there in a dark room and waited. one elderly man couldn't keep his finger out of me and to top it off he left his calling card all over my back. wow!

reviewed on Jul 02, 2013
Andi posted a comment.

On my way there now, anyone fancy coming to meet me? You can cum all over my face after I have given you a good rimming!! Look out for a slim hairy chested guy and we can take a visit to the dark room!

reviewed on Jun 26, 2013
alan posted a comment.

I can't wait till Tuesday afternoon. i'm going to find me a nice old c*ck to suck. I just love to see the look on an old mans face as he comes in my mouth. mmmmm.

reviewed on Jun 23, 2013
Chris T posted a comment.

Visited the greenhouse at Darleston the other day, first ever to a sauna, really enjoyed it and a polite no does work, but a yes brought some enjoyable times. The guy in the gay cinema gave me a great BJ and the other action was great.
I will be back there on a wednesday definatly, being a bit heavy was not a problem and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming.
It was good just to watch and see what others were doing, the straight/bi cinema was superb

reviewed on Jun 20, 2013
The Chief posted a comment.

Went Sunday just gone about 9.30ish evening

about 20 people mixed group my first time so a little nervous, tried our all areas and checked out dungeon... No action in there

Got a great Blow Job froma black dude, he was more interested in giving me head did return. The glory holes were fun!

Thought £14.00 was expensive I think it needs a little facelift

Would go again with a c*ckring and hope for a good action the Jacuzzi was realy good shame I was on my own maybe cos it was quite, but I wouldnt like it too busy either. Plenty of c*ck on show!!

reviewed on Jun 19, 2013
Steve A posted a comment.

Used to be a great Sauna. Saturday nights used to be fun and buzzy. Sadly this has reduced down in numbers. It's not as clean as it used to be. Some staff are still rude and the cost has increased by £1 to £14. Refurbished to an adequate standard. Very big sauna but if the footfall is low then you feel like the only one there.

reviewed on Jun 19, 2013
peter posted a comment.

I go there on Tuesday afternoons because its quieter. I haven't got the nerve to bare all on Wednesdays but I'll have to try it one day.

reviewed on Jun 18, 2013
Dan posted a comment.

Sounds amazing, hoping to go first time tonight just wondered what the best times to go are, Dan

reviewed on Jun 15, 2013
Polo posted a comment.

Hi everyone is Friday afternoon any good for a first timer as looking to suck c**k

reviewed on Jun 05, 2013
CN posted a comment.

I have never been to sauna before but will like to be s**ked there. Can anyone tell me how to ask a guy to do that there?

reviewed on May 07, 2013
Ticker61 posted a comment.

Sorry I missed your message Scott as we could have got together. I visited Darlaston for the first time and had the best experience ever! Everyone made me feel very welcome and the staff were brilliant!
I was only in the sauna 10 mins and was hit on by this guy, we has a lot of fun! Fantastic facilities, something for everyone to enjoy, but the highlight of my visit has to be the glory hole booths! What a blast I had there! Will definitely be back there soon!

reviewed on Mar 02, 2013
Scott posted a comment.

Hi ticker I'm goin today 1st march so I might see u there, Fridays are good days for crossdressers an admirers so if That's ur thing your lucks in. Plenty action an free condoms and lube on the bar area get back to me what time you goin.. Scott

reviewed on Mar 01, 2013
Ticker61 posted a comment.

Not used the sauna yet but will be going for the first time this friday 1st March. If anyone can let me know what it is like there during the day on Fridays I'd be very grateful.
Thanks, Ticker

reviewed on Feb 26, 2013
Bill posted a comment.

Downstairs ok, pool etc but upstairs rest rooms let place down. Many doors have broken locks/lights, never seen any wipes, lube or condoms in rest rooms, torn bedding, staff on the whole quite unfriendly/rude and expensive to visit!

reviewed on Dec 06, 2012
David posted a comment.

Been here several times, found Wednesdays (naked day) and Saturday/Sunday afternoons best, other times can be quiter but you normally always find some action. My fetish is sucking c*ck and eating cum and I always get a full belly here :o)

reviewed on Nov 29, 2012
steve posted a comment.

Great time at the sauna. Hot pool, great guys. Going again Monday 27/11/12. Anyone interested in group session see you there.Facilities amazing. Steam room very steamy & sexy.

reviewed on Nov 18, 2012