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the description

The Greenhouse Luton has a warm and inviting atmosphere. It has been recently fully refurbished with modern furnishings and facilities. Various club night events through the week.

the facilities & services

Jacuzzi - Sauna, Steam room - Cinema. Rest rooms - Sun bed - Computer suite - Lounge - Hot tub - Changing Rooms. Cafe-bar available at all times.

the opening times

Mon: 10 am - Midnight.
Tues: 10 am - 7pm.
Wed: 10 am - Midnight.
Thurs: 10 am - Midnight.
Fri: 10 am -
Sat: 10 am -
Sun: 11 am - Midnight.

the prices

Entrance is £14.
Students £10.00 (valid student ID required, plus proof of age. Student discount is 18-25 yrs only ).
£10.00 entrance for under 25's ( proof of age needed ).

Find The Greenhouse on Google Maps
23 Crawley Road
01582 487 701

sauna reviews

review by: Alexx

Some of the previous reviews are a bit unfair, this is overall a good sauna, plenty of guys of mixed types, big age range 20s-70s although often 40-70, some guys not engaging just walking round, although lots of friendly guys too, had some good fun here.

best thing: The orgy room, the hot tub, bear day
reviewed on Oct 05, 2018
review by: davesimm

Looks like a tiny place from outside on Crawley Road. Cool reception from staff, but hardly important, place very spacious spread out over 3 floors with plenty of facilities and extremely clean. Not so many dark corners as on previous visit but would definitely return next time in the area

best thing: Orgy room
worst thing: Odd warning signs
reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
review by: Jonny

My first visit to the Luton Greenhouse was last week on naked Wednesday. The guys who took my money was friendly and even let me off paying the extra quid to "join" as I hadn't accounted for that. He didn't give me a guided tour but pointed out where the lockers were which is all I wanted - I'm an adult and can discover things for myself.

The locker area is a bit cramped but is OK. The jacuzzi was good and there's quite a bit of fondling goes on in there despite the signs. In fact all the areas I spent time in (most apart from the lounge area upstairs and the fetich area) were very clean and in good repair. My only complaint about this place is all the stairs and fire doors although the bright corridors linking the various parts of the sauna are a good place to display what yo've got, check out other guys, get some eye contact or even the odd sneaky touch.

My visit was in the afternoon and there was a good mix of guys: more older than younger but no shortage of fit men. I'm 49 myself (look younger) and I prefer my age or older so it suited me. I sucked some large cocks in the glory holes and had a couple of guys fuck me in one of the private booths.

best thing: Orgy room
worst thing: Stairs and doors
reviewed on Nov 14, 2016
review by: PandaBear

Dreadful experience. The staff are exceptionally rude. Terrible customer service skills, sneering and deliberately aggressive and rude over minor things.

As for the customers, nothing to write home about. Mostly guys in their 50s-70s, and 90% were clinically obese. Not very appealing.

Won't ever be back. I can see why no young, hot guys go here. The rude staff must scare them off, and there's nothing inviting about the clientele, either.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015
review by: Arkangel

Unfortunately, I agree with some of the previous reviewers that the staff here, on all occasions that I've visited, are breathtakingly rude and absolutely lacking in 'people skills'. However, it should be noted that you're not visiting a Sauna to be bosom-buddies with the staff. Conversely, the Greenhouse Luton does have some interesting theme nights - Cocks n Jocks, Naked Wednesday, etc.

Cocks n Jocks - usually held on the 1st Saturday of every month - can be interesting: wear a jock or swim trunks or designer underwear. It's an all-nighter, actually going on to about 6am the next morning and does attract some sexy Bedfordshire boys.

The premises are divided across three floors with a sauna cabin, jacuzzi, steam room, a dark maze with private rooms, also watersports area and sling and cage, plus two small and slightly unpleasant smelling theatres showing porn; and a top floor with a communal dark room area with oval bed, and several other rooms. The clientele vary from twinks to muscle to guys 50+ (about 65% of clientele), but are pleasant enough and mostly attitude-free which is normal for an out-of-London crowd.

The Sauna sometimes has an amateurish feel, with posters pinned to the walls asking customers to shower because "Body Odour is Offensive". WTF?! No shit. Quite why grown men need to be told this is bizarre, but it is intrusive and highly inappropriate.

I think the entrance fee - £13 - is too high for such a place and it should be more like £10 for the experience. On the six or seven occasions, I've visited I would say it could be hit-or-miss but on most occasions it was somewhat worthwhile. I did like the sexy feeling of the Cocks N Jocks night, which is one of their more popular nights, although I often found that some of the customers - guys in their 70s or 80s - would not take 'no' for an answer and were extremely annoying.

Definitely worth a visit if you're in Luton, and makes a change from the strutting male peacocks of the London saunas.

reviewed on Sep 06, 2013
review by: ben

Realy great place to have as much fun as you want! anyone wants to come with me

reviewed on Jul 24, 2013
review by: David

I have been going to this sauna for 10+ years and have the staff to be VERY helpful and friendly.
Yes, the clientele is mixed - I'm 63, fit and slim and I often get more than my fair share of fit young guys.

reviewed on Jun 25, 2013
review by: Bill

I'm not sure about these bad reviews. I've been there twice now. A great mixed bunch of guys, all ages and sizes and the staff have been nothing more than helpful.

reviewed on Apr 28, 2013
review by: James

Hi im a first timer looking to go this Tuesday afternoon (16/03/13).

Does it get busy in the afternoon or will I be the only guy there.

Slightly nervous about my first time but if anyone wants to meet up just text me.


reviewed on Apr 13, 2013
review by: WhoKnows

The staff are extraordinarily rude - belittling the most simply requests.

Facilities - good and clean.

But, the staff will be the ruin of this place.....

reviewed on Apr 10, 2013
review by: shaun

Staff rude. Full of fat repulsive lard-arses, over the age of 60. Very disappointing. No fitties at all. Terrible

reviewed on Mar 20, 2013
review by: Steven Ford from Worthing, West Sussex

Went on Saturday night for c*cks n Jocks. Expecting a great night. Drove over 3 hours to get there. Upon entry, the member of staff was grumpy, frowning, very brusque; when spoken to, he barks back a response, not at all warm or friendly, didn't look me in the eye once.

About 40 or so guys around the entire evening from 9.45pm until 2.30 am (when I left). As it was c*cks n Jocks, some were naked, some were wearing jocks or underwear, etc.

Apart from one v-hot blonde guy in a black jock, I've never seen a more unattractive lot than this bunch of fatties, pot-bellied pigs and weirdos; they weren't only out of shape and ugly, they were rude, insensitive, exhibiting shocking behaviour: farting, belching, singing at the tops of their voices, wandering around in sh*t-streaked towels, insulting other guys who they did not know with crass comments, gobbling down food like starved varmints. I even saw a roly-poly use one of the private rooms as a toilet (a No 2).

Aside from the 98% lack of talent, the place stank of Body Odour (I saw they had signs up about B.O. asking customers to wash!), the place was generally down-at-heel, very timewarp sort of place stuck in the 1980s, some of the private rooms smelt horrid as if someone had died in there, the free buffet was not good either, toilet blocked and left like that, brown lumps floating in jacuzzi, only 1 computer working in internet room, some sticky and horrid on the carpet, entertainment very flat (drag queens and strippers), very b*tchy cliquey clientele.

£13 for this? No thanks. It was a shock-fest. Save your money and get the train to London and head to Chariots Vauxhall or Pleasuredrome.

Terrible. A piss-poor experience. Never again.

reviewed on Mar 17, 2013
review by: Jean-Marc

I have a full membership at this place for 12 years and never
was dissapointed. I always met friendly and horny guys of every
age for great sex. Don't be shy and just go for it. Regretfully I have
to say that I can't be regulary there, as I live abroad and visit the
area for business.

reviewed on Mar 11, 2013
review by: harry lloyd

a great afternoon. went after lunch on a friday and the place was humming with guys, but an asian twink took my fancy. delicious hairless c*ck, bent to the right and an asshole to die for. after a brief encounter in the gloryhole rooms, we went to a cubicle. i wasn't the first to f*ck him that day cos when i got behind to get my tongue up inside his sweet hole, it was full of delicious cum... i slurped it up, then slid my tongue inside. this boy wanted it badly. he was dripping precum. i'm not small, but my c*ck slid in with no resistance and soon my balls were banging on his butt. i don't know what he was murmuring cos it wasn't english, but i did understand "f*ck me hard daddy". i finished and pulled out. shot a giant load into his bum. i wanted him to cum too so i could taste some asian cum, but he turned away. i left, but as i walked away, someone else went into the cubicle and the door locked again. from what i could hear, that twink was getting another pounding. still later in the steam room two guys were f*cking. i waited my turn, then has a second f*ck that day. i saw the asian twink once more.... also in the steam room, getting another pounding by a black guy with a c*ck bigger than mine. what a slut. two f*cks and a great session in the glory hole room. gonna go back soon

reviewed on Mar 09, 2013
review by: angus szeto

found the courage to go to this place last weekend. lots of old guys which i like. i'm 21. at the very top there's a dark room with something to lie on. i did that and a guy came up and took off his towel and i saw a giant c*ck which i like. i'd never seem one like this b4. i sucked it and this guy cum in my mouth. then another man put his finger in my hole and pushed in and out quickly. i w*nked and the man f*cked me. i was good so big. hahaha. i sucked two men. i like this place. lots of old men who want to f*ck me. i like old men c*cks they are big. then i went to toilet and a man followed me and watch me sh*tting. he said he like it and like to have piss. this my dfirst time to have sex with foreign person and i like big c*cks. this place is good for big c*cks.

reviewed on Mar 09, 2013
review by: Terri_bttm

Once again, I visited this sauna today for the Dare to Bareback day and it was full of fatties.

I can assure you that I am me, I'm Terri_bttm from Wellingborough. And I'm not Fanny Love, who wears a white wedding dress.

reviewed on Mar 07, 2013
review by: Terri_bttm

I can assure all readers that gthe above review as not done by me. Some wally keeps making this sort of silly comment.

Now GH is Luton is great. The staff are friendly, its clean and there are plenty of things to do here. £13 gets you entry and you can stay as long as you need. Its good!

reviewed on Mar 03, 2013
review by: Terri_bttm

I visited today Wednesday 20 February 2013 for their Dare to Bare day.

The place was jam-packed with what can only be described as fatties. Horrible. And to pay £13 for the privilege. I won't be back anytime soon.

A horrible, down-at-heel sauna with the grumpiest, rudest staff anywhere in the country. Boo hiss boo.


reviewed on Feb 20, 2013
review by: Rimlad

Looking to go Sunday 10th March. Love safe sucking and deep rimming arse. Especially big hairy arse. Not ageist so hope Sunday afternoon and evenings are ok.

reviewed on Feb 15, 2013
review by: T

It is such a shame that Jack cant get his head around the fact that he will be old too oneday.
The staff are very friendly if your friendly towards them and as for the guys that go there a real nice mix of ages. I just wish i could got there more often

reviewed on Dec 23, 2012
review by: alan

Enjoyed my time here recently, although as an older guy I wanted younger and there were none around on the Saturday that I went

reviewed on Dec 19, 2012
review by: Aron

Sorry, but your headline is misleading: this sauna does not have a warm, welcoming atmosphere whatsoever. The staff are particularly rude, and seem to take perverse delight in the cold and petty way they speak to customers. They should remember that it is us who pay their wages. I have a choice of saunas on my doorstep: all the ones in London, and so for me to travel to Luton is an undertaking. Rather than embracing the pink pound, and treating me like a respected and appreciated customer, these people don't give a toss. The customers are pleasant, although it does tend to be a lot of guys in the 50+ age range, which isn't my cup of tea (I'm 28 and looking to hook up with guys around my age).

reviewed on Dec 19, 2012
review by: Pierre

After battling the traffic I parked up walk over and got inside to be met with a nice group, very quiet but friendly only off putting was the two yng lads floating around touting for business otherwise it was goof fun, glory holes where as I thought shame the changing area is a little small otherwise a nice place to go once a week.

reviewed on Nov 30, 2012
review by: rodslave

well worth a visit would recommend weds as that is naked day all typed get there and very liberal scene has dungoen with attched wet room for ws lovers

reviewed on Nov 19, 2012
review by: Northants Micky

Great place to go. Especially on a weds when its naked day, so everyone gets to bare all prior to chatting and playing. Great spectator sport to be had, a great mix of rooms. Eve if you just use the facilities and watch its great value. A full day of naked men. I would go everyday if my boss would give me the time off.

reviewed on Oct 23, 2012
review by: Mark Cielo

That previous review is most unfair. As with any sauna you will get a complete mix of people and not all will be sexy young studs. This is a great place, particularly on naked Wednesdays

reviewed on Oct 16, 2012

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