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The Greenhouse Newport has a cosy environment. It has been recently fully refurbished with modern furnishings and facilities. Various club night events through the week.

the facilities & services

Spa pool, Sauna, Steam room, Cafe bar, Internet suit, Sun shower, Restrooms.

the opening times

Mon: 10 am - 11 pm.
Tues: 10 am - 11 pm.
Wed: 10 am - 11 pm.
Thurs: 10 am - 11 pm.
Fri: 10 am - 7 pm.
Sat: 10 am - 3 am.
Sun: 11 am - 11 pm.

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24 Church Street
NP20 2BY
01633 221 172

sauna reviews

review by: Chunky Monkey

I have been a regular here for some time now. Yes I keep coming back. It's always friendly and clean. The facilities are excellent and the staff are great.
In answer to one of the previous reviewers, condoms and lube are free. Just ask at the bar or like me, on the way in.

best thing: It's clean and well maintained.
reviewed on Feb 17, 2018
review by: Hornblower

This very old decor type of sauna is definitely now showing her age.The building it's self is in a very bad state of health. The downstairs showers have been stone cold for almost 4 years,the toilets on the middle floor have been leaking for nearly two years now. The general state of the building is tacky. The cost of a spell at this sauna will now cost you a whopping £16 up from £14 , with no real improvements on customer service. The video in the so called bisexual room has been playing for the last five years on a continuous loop.The staff are very friendly and will go around looking for a shag themselves which is a bit of a check as the customers have paid £16 to get in.The owner of the Greenhouse chain is heterosexual and when he dose visit the Greenhouse s he has been known to become verbal towards customers.Wednesday is still the busiest day and sunday is the second.

best thing: Wednesday naked day.
worst thing: Not being able to find the staff as they are usually in a room with somone.
reviewed on Sep 30, 2017
review by: Inthecloset22

Hi all, just wanting to say first off I'm someone who is new to this and ultimately I'm still not sure where I stand, but having visited the Greenhouse twice now, I can say . That its a wonderful non judgmental place . The facilities are clean, the staff are friendly and most of all some of the older cock in there is magnificent. I for one would recommend it time and time again

best thing: Gloryhole. It's always been something that's intrigued me and I'd do it again and again
worst thing: Lighting
reviewed on Sep 19, 2017
review by: Bi_Boy99

Have visited here about half a dozen times whilst passing. Decent place - the hot tub is large and relaxing thanks to the subdued lighting, had a mind-blowing group session in there once. The showers are hot and clean, the whole place is generally pretty clean and tidy, staff are nice without being intrusive. It's a reasonable size and although not as luxurious as the London saunas, it's a pretty decent place to visit. Plenty of sexy Welsh guys there too.

best thing: Big warm hot tub in a nice room with subdued lighting
worst thing: The upper floors can be a bit chilly in winter.
reviewed on Dec 04, 2016
review by: PandaBear

This place is the ultimate shock-fest. I went to their 'Dare to Bare' day on Wednesday. I don't live in Newport, but in London and took the train down (3 hours to Newport from Paddington). Dare to Bare is a catchphrase invented by the Greenhouse meaning it's a day when towels are not allowed.

When I visited here five years ago, the place had lots of hot, fit guys. This time round, the place was universally packed to the rafters with very overweight, badly-behaved guys. They were rude, pinching my bum and perving and molesting me, and farting in the shower, and singing at the tops of their voices, and demanding food, and generally behaving badly. I have never been made to feel so uncomfortable. The staff were at it too.

The premises are quite large, but the colour scheme is dreadful. The walls are wallpapered in a distressing deep purple and many of the rooms smell like someone has died in them (stale and stuffy). The toilets were unflushed and unclean and left in that state for the entire duration of my visit. There was a dreadful smell of fried food permeating the building.

The staff were reasonably friendly. I didn't enjoy the experience, and found the customers not to understand "no". Avoid this place, it's very bad.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015
review by: barney_bum

Visited first time on a Sunday afternoon. Bit out of the way and no buses on Sunday but that's not the fault of the sauna.

Lots of facilties-wonderful attic room, plenty of showers, cinemas and private rooms. Loved the place.

Only criticism was that I couldn't find condoms and lube. I always take my own anyway, in case. But we need to encourage safe sex and they should be available with ease of access. When leaving, I saw there was a condom machine in the changing rooms. May be you are expected to buy them. I'm not sure. Yes we are responsible ourselves for playing safe and you could say why should we moddle-colly but the ultimate cost to society is greater. I don't know whether free condoms are usually provide by owners or given/subsidised by a health body. Whatever, they should be provided.

Anyway I'll get off my high horse. It was an excellent place.

reviewed on Aug 23, 2015
review by: jason69

Good sauna. Facilities are decent, has a nice sized jacuzzi where there is always hot action to watch if not take part in. Naked day (Wednesday) is always busy and a variety of men in attendance. Place is clean, staff are friendly without being invasive, location is discreet. Can't complain really. Apparently Sundays are busy too but not been that day myself. Would be good if there was a Bear themed day or Older/Younger day on one of the quieter days like Monday or Tuesday but hey ho.

reviewed on Jul 26, 2015
review by: misterg

This is one of my favourite saunas in the UK, the staff are hilarious very welcoming and make sure you have a good time. The facilities are always very clean and there is usually a decent sized crowd. On naked day it is utterly heaving and the vast majority of people leave the towels well alone. I have never left here without a smile on my face.

reviewed on Jul 22, 2015
review by: biandopen23

Love it here I'm a young guy so always get a lot of attention of the older guys sundays are normally the best but ill go anytime just for a bit of easy fun and will be there tomorrow too

reviewed on Oct 13, 2014
review by: Jason

I would be up for going with you email me on

reviewed on Apr 11, 2013
review by: Justlooking103

Thinking of going here for the first time would any body be interested in meeting up??? :)

reviewed on Apr 02, 2013
review by: bis man

Fantastic on sunday afternoon . Variety of guys and free food at 5.00pm

reviewed on Dec 22, 2012

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