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Two large lounge areas - with FREE tea, coffee, soft drinks and FREE internet access, a 25 man cinema - showing the hottest porn! Two sling rooms, a large steam room, 15 man sauna with a built video screen, a large underground cruising area with cabins, glory holes, turntable and private cabins equipped with a video screen. There is also a heated outside smoking area that you can use naked!


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Monday - Thursday: 11am - Midnight.
Friday - Sunday: 24hrs (11am Friday - Midnight Sunday).

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Entry £10.00 before 1300 - £13.00 after.
Weekend Special - Cum and go all weekend for a one off fee of only £20.00.
Late entry scheme - last hour £5.00.

the description

Regular events throughout the week. Eleven great years have past since we took over The Locker Room in 1999 and in April we decided it was time to modernise, refresh and improve London's premier sauna for Gay and Bi-sexual men. We currently boast two large lounge areas - with FREE tea, coffee, soft drinks and FREE internet access, a 25 man cinema - showing the hottest porn! Two sling rooms, a large steam room, 15 man sauna with a built video screen, a large underground cruising area with cabins, glory holes, turntable and private cabins equipped with a video screen. There is also a heated outside smoking area that you can use naked! At The Locker Room we want you to have fun and enjoy the relaxed friendly atmosphere our staff work hard to maintain. So come in and see why we are proud to say 'Locker Room - Now Bigger & Better'.

the contact info

6-8 Cleaver street


SE11 2DP

02077 356 064

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Criticalreviewer posted a comment.

Great management and staff, pleasant atmosphere for the most part, but recent visits have been ruined by one particular unpleasant patron who seems to be there all the time. His climbing up cubicle doors to peer inside, his desperation visits to the changing area as new patrons arrive, his spitting in mop buckets and shower areas, his touchy-feely antics with patrons, his hogging of sling rooms, cubicles and blocking of stairwells, and his loud and rather personal comments about the appearance of patrons is certainly no joking matter. Comments on other review sites actually name him, but somehow nothing seems to be done about him. The sauna is doubtlessly losing repeat business because of him. I’d really like to rate the sauna much more highly, but unfortunately until the management resolve the issue with the particular patron, it is likely - and indeed deserves - to lose support. Nobody should leave a sauna feeling uncomfortable because of another customer's behaviour, hygiene or unwanted attention.

best thing: Excellent management and staff, mostly friendly and non-judgemental atmoshere
worst thing: The steadfast refusal to rid themselves of a problem patron
reviewed on Nov 17, 2021
Will_sub posted a comment.

Recently started coming to locker room quite regularly. Guys tend to be a bit older (i'm early 30's) but that doesn't bother me. Always easy to get some action, particularly around the glorywholes. Had my first spitroasting in hear only a few days ago and it was heaven.

best thing: lots of action
worst thing: No beds in the cabins; condoms/lube not easily at hand
reviewed on Dec 15, 2019
Jonny posted a comment.

I was in London on Sunday so paid this place a visit after hearing good things via word of mouth. The actual locker room is small and there were three old queens taking up the bench in the middle playing with Siri on an iPhone like they were teenage girls. Once undressed I went to explore. It all seemed very narrow, dark and small. I found the new sauna cabin which is very good and very hot. The rooms/cubicles were cramped with only foam mat flooring for comfort. It was just about big enough for me to get fucked in one of them but there wasn't much scope for trying different positions. They were clean though. I couldn't find any glory holes and should have asked but didn't. The steam room didn't smell great but there was tons of action in there. There always seemed to be something going on on the big "bed" by the entrance too. Overall the venue/facilities didn't compare favourably with the Greenhouse saunas at Luton and Darlaston, or with Splash at Leicester. However, the guys were much better generally - better looking, slimmer, bigger cocks, friendlier (surprising for London), and much more forward.

best thing: The customers.
worst thing: The stairs are generally narrow, steep, and wet - not a great combination.
reviewed on Nov 12, 2018
Zakzak posted a comment.

Been a regular here for years. Pleased to see their new, bigger sauna open upstairs with more cubicles and a new cruising area as well. Friendly staff, always clean. Yeah, sometimes you see rubbish on the floor but it's usually picke dup quickly and speaks more about lazy customers rather than staff. The staff and customers are friendly has a loyal regular crowd and love their naked only sessions. You can go totally naked any day there but love when it's mandatory for everyone.

best thing: Friendly helpful staff, their welcoming attitude on nudity
worst thing: no jacuzzi
reviewed on Nov 07, 2018
gary renton posted a comment.

This is QUITE POSSIBLY...EVEN ACTUALLY...THE dirtiest sauna in Europe. I tried it recently, and although staff were sort of friendly, I notice a used condom discarded on the stair at the bottom. Staff too busy chatting on their phones to clean this away. Someone had used one of the private cabins as a toilet and this was not cleaned up. Nauseating and nothing done about it!

The whole building has a feeling of unlove, of old age, of decay, in many areas, a horrid, damp smell. Tatty. Scuffed. Rust. A smell of drains and toilets drifting from the upstairs loo as one sits and tries to use the internet. And this not a sexy place, too small for any real cruising.

And the men. A motley collection of fatties, freaks and other wonderful creatures. Pot-bellies, bent noses, baldness, farting, obesity in some measure, and the singing in the shower, they were clamouring at the tops of their voices like a bunch of Welsh coal-miners for their Frey Bentos dinner. Spoke to the manager about the dirtiness and he didn't care. I wont be going back to this Black Hole of Calcutta.

best thing: Located in the gay village
worst thing: Extremely dirty sauna.
reviewed on Dec 07, 2017
PandaBear posted a comment.

Very rundown and not appealing sauna. Quite small and tired-looking. Lots of water left on the floor around shower area, which is a hazard. Lots of areas with full length mirrors and private rooms, plus a play bed and a sling. Clientele tend to be 50+ and out-of-shape, but you do get some hot younger guys in, and it's not all bad. Staff very friendly. Free internet although the computers are slow. Free refreshments. Whole premises need a refurb.

reviewed on Nov 29, 2015
ravedave posted a comment.

Friendly staff, warm atmosphere - nice mix of crowd, definitely the friendliest I've been to, and had some great fun with several young and attractive guys, definitely worth a visit. Free tea and coffee, staff are courteous, jokey and there's a great vibe here, meaning you leave on a high, which is a plus.
Sizewise, it's not massive, but it has enough facilities to tick most boxes.

reviewed on Feb 26, 2015
mark andrew posted a comment.

Somehow this sauna really works. On the face of it, it is one of the smallest, if not the smallest sauna in London, and the facilities are only adequate. Furthermore, there is often a musty, damp smell in the place. There are few private rooms, and there is no jacuzzi, and certainly no room for a pony. But the staff make the place:They are all friendly, and there is generally a good atmosphere amongst the punters who are wide ranging, from old to young, all sizes, all races, and very little attitude.
At only £11, it is also one of the cheapest saunas in London....with free tea and coffee, and as many towels as you need.

reviewed on Dec 11, 2013
chrisifer posted a comment.

Small friendly and very horny specifically on naked nights

reviewed on Sep 21, 2013
Arkangel posted a comment.

Went here on 19 August 2013, the launch night of their Bears and Fetish night, held every Monday from 6pm. Never been before to this sauna.

Staff - very friendly and helpful.
Customers - very attactive, good range, muscle guys, older guys, a few twinks, some Asian and Oriental guys, a hot black guy.
Facilities - slightly tired look, but very amenable. A sling, a theatre, steam room, downstairs cruising.
A nice, sleazy but friendly atmosphere from both customers and staff. Definitely a refreshing change from the usual attitude-y scene of other London saunas.

Very worthwhile visit, will be back. Might not be the largest sauna but what it lacks in size, it all the more makes up for in action and quality of men.

reviewed on Sep 06, 2013
Enterprise... posted a comment.

First thing: it's very small and very quirky in it's layout and, very limited facilities (one WC & no Jacuzzi to name but a few omissions). But, staff really try hard to keep you happy and content - a far cry from the staff at Greenhouse Luton! The staff alone are the biggest plus point for this establishment!

Theme nights are quite fun but, a recent closure of has caused a void which I feel the The Lockeroom will have difficulty in filling.

Otherwise, worth a try...

reviewed on Apr 20, 2013
rob posted a comment.

went for 1st time 18/09/12 late afternoon packed with older guys bit cramped lay on big bed with large screen playing xxx films.found i had a few admirers played around a bit until joned by older bearded bloke who was very well endowed,one of the thickest i had ever seen.he then had me while others watched and then took me downstairs to cubicle for further action and then invited a few others n to join,wow amazing will definitely visit again,hope to meet up with that bloke again as well.

reviewed on Aug 25, 2012