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the facilities & services

2 saunas, steam room, rest areas, open showers, tv's, videos, outside smoking area.


steam room
changing room
video rooms

the opening times

Open from 11am Monday to Saturday.
12 on a Sunday. Closing around 6pm, but phone for special later evenings.

the prices

Standard entry £12.
We also offer a FREE loyalty card with the standard entry charge, so come 5 times and get the 6th visit free.

the description

Originally established in 1994, The Spa has been renovated and re-opened having been closed for a year and half. With two saunas, a steamroom, rest areas, open showers, TV's, videos and a small outside smoking area. The Spa is a compact , warm and friendly venue to relax, unwind and escape the outside world with like-minded guys of all ages. The Spa is also available for private hire in the evenings and used by various naturist groups. All hot and cold drinks, biscuits, cakes, savouries, sweets and ice creams are completely free!

the contact info

121 Poole Road



01202 757 591

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jackfan1 posted a comment.

Small local sauna in the Westbourne area of Bournemouth, not sure where to start with the reveiew!
The place does desperately need a good deep clean, not sure some of it has been touched in years! could also do with a bit of TLC, the day i went only one of the sauna cabins was working, but that was hot (in both senses!!!) the shower area is a bit basic to say the least and with a large empty room next to it that serves no purpose, when i was there like an earlier reveiw they were showing porn on an old VCR that you changed yourself as you saw fit. overall i had a good time but the place could do with a lot of attention, even if basic stuff was done, like a clean and lick of paint would make it great. Also the shop front entrance leaves a lot to be desired and looks like the place has been abandoned, again just a lick of paint would make masses of difference!

best thing: friendly clients
worst thing: unclean and old
reviewed on Aug 30, 2018
maverick0179 posted a comment.

i had a great time there {second time} i had a few cocks in my mouth ,2 guys they finish on my chest i had the best gay action ever!is not the cleanest place but you going there for cocks and you gonna have plenty!is better to go between 2 and 4 o clock !i'll go again !!!!

reviewed on Aug 15, 2015
NewbieNick posted a comment.

I had a fun time at this sauna last week - very friendly crowd, and certainly worth checking out. Intelligent and horny guys of mixed ages. No Jacuzzi, but the entry price reflects that. I loved it and will certainly be going again.

reviewed on Mar 22, 2015
Daniel McKenna posted a comment.

I tried this places last week I was stood on the doorstep for almost 10mins I kept ringing the bell and even tho there was a dog barking the other side nobody answered then when They did I got asked for ID? (I'm 30!)I didn't have any I'd so was ask to leave?!?!

reviewed on Dec 05, 2014
steve posted a comment.

Only a finger? Your pal should've asked for a refund! Seriously, you go to a gay sauna, you strip naked in front of other naked gay/bi men - what do you expect?? That's what the sauna is for, stoopid!! ;-) I've been going to The Spa since it opened & always have a good time there.

reviewed on Dec 02, 2014
Scruffy25 posted a comment.

Went to this place with two nudist friends. Two of us gay one asexual. We wanted somewhere pleasant where we could chill out naked with some good banter and if sex happened it happened because usually in the other saunas there are private areas. This one was welcoming but filthy. The towels were dry and rough like there was no fabric conditioner. We were given locker keys and then ordered to return them after we had put our things away. Upon going downstairs which I almost dreaded. It was nothing like the photographs. It was dirty and old and the lighting was awful. But it was also freezing cold. There were no real private areas so people were having sex in the saunas. It labels itself as being open to nudists too - but it isn't. My friend was assaulted as someone tried to forcefully enter them with their finger. The steam room had switched itself off and we had to ask to get it turned on. The showers were warm but it was so cold in the communal area that you needed to stay in a sauna etc to keep warm. One sauna was cooler as one man described and it was barely warm. The other was warm but no space as people were just having sex. There was old porn on a VCR that you kept having to replace and also some old squash in jugs. The clientele was older, all over 50 except us. Definitely not a welcoming place and I wouldn't recommend it AT ALL. Was hoping it would look like the website, heard good things about it. Stayed about half an hour. No hot tub either - yet two saunas. Definitely not worth the money. Especially if you're over 30. It was however busy in there. So if you're just looking for sex with older guys then go for it, but have a shower when you get home!

reviewed on Aug 27, 2014
Tony posted a comment.

Warm, small and friendly with guaranteed action. Older clientele but never failed yet!Operfect place for older and nervous. Top rating.

reviewed on Apr 01, 2013
Andrew posted a comment.

Great little sauna, very small but super friendly and welcoming and always clean. No private rooms so any action usually has an appreciative audience and I've always been taken care of.Mostly older crowd 40ish and up of all shapes and sizes but occasionally a 20 something too. Highly reccomend it

reviewed on Aug 16, 2012