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A 12 man Dry Sauna, 13 man Turkish Steam Room, Outdoor Hot Tub, Sun Shower Tansun VT2000 (£1.50 for 3 minutes, £3.00 for 6 minutes, £4.50 for 9 minutes), Smoking Area & Sunbathing Garden.


hot tub
steam room
changing room
sun bed

the opening times

Monday - Thursday 10am till late.
Friday - Sunday 10am till late (24HR NON-STOP).

the prices

Early Bird £7. -
Standard Admission £10.
Day Pass £13 (Unlimited Returns).
Weekend Pass £30 (Unlimited Returns 10am Friday - 10pm Sunday).
SUNDAY SPLIT - £7 before 3pm and £10 afterward.

the description

WetWetWet (also known as W3) is a sauna for gay, bisexual and curious men. The Northwest's and Blackpool's newest Gay sauna. Just men looking for men. No label. No problem. Our aim is to provide you with a Quality Sauna Experience, second to none in Blackpool, with all the facilities you would expect of a Gay Sauna! We offer a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment in the heart of Blackpool, just a stones throw from the Gay Village. Enter a world of relaxation and enjoyment. We are sure you will appreciate our attention to detail when it comes to the decoration and cleanliness of the venue and we look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

the contact info

1- 3 Charles Street





01253 751 199

from the sauna

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Horny_dawg posted a comment.

1st time ever at a gay sauna, looked at reviews 1st which was a bit mixed. However, had a fab time, the chap on reception said it was very quiet, but as it was my 1st time I was ok with that, gave me chance to look around and not be bothered. Please was much bigger than I realised, down stairs is the locker room, lounge, steam & sauna and outside a small hot tub for 3 people. It was quiet but as I looked around and went upstairs to the playrooms, there were lots and lots, also porn on screens, very clean and tidy.

best thing: hot tub, playrooms
worst thing: nothing
reviewed on Nov 11, 2021
Martin3344 posted a comment.

I went here for the first time at 7pm untill 9pm when it closed and had a good time, it was clean and i liked the outdoor area sauna and hottub, the young member of staff was polite and professional to me. HOWEVER when i returned the next day at 6.15pm I was met by a diffrent member of staff (Paul)..He had MAJOR attitude, seemed fed up and annoyed that id arrived...first thing he told me was they were closing at 8pm (even though the website says 9pm) then he told me there was only one other person in , he clearly wanted to go home, and i like having a sauna anyway it dosnt matter to me if there arnt many in..when i told him i would go in anyway, he changed his mind and refused me entry then snapped at me that hed been there since that morning . He was very bitch, demeaning and unwelcoming...this put me off this place...this guy is bad for buisness!! i went to another sauna wich was more shabby and old but staff and customers freindly and curtious.

best thing: Sauna
worst thing: Paul
reviewed on Aug 05, 2021
seablue posted a comment.

Easy to find from Blackpool North Station, in fact the large W sign is visible.
A warm welcome, facilities tip top clean, good jacuzzi in the open courtyard, and sun terrace too great for the summer weather we are having.
Hot sauna & steam. Guys actually speak to you in this sauna, which creates a good atmosphere.

best thing: Jacuzzi
worst thing: none all good
reviewed on Jul 05, 2018
J Taylor posted a comment.

Nice cheap place with hot guys

best thing: Large with outdoor hot tub
worst thing: Have to go to reception for condoms and lube
reviewed on Jun 27, 2017
atsd posted a comment.

Nice facilities that are regularly updated. Decent guys. Nice friendly staff. Large cruising area split on a few levels makes for good fun. Nice cruise steam room.

reviewed on Feb 17, 2016
Queergayaberdeen posted a comment.

WET WET WET and my penis was absolutely wet with shite. Had an amazing hour here with my mate from Moseley.
Didn't know I was gay and my mate either but we came in here looking for a sauna and ended up getting buggered like heck by some well hung waiters from the nearby Indian restaurant. I wanted to take one of them to see Ted 2 at the cinema after but he became very afraid and violent. I followed him to the restaurant and I'm going to call on him this week and see him or maybe speak to a member of his family.

reviewed on Oct 15, 2015
thatchersmate posted a comment.

What a terrible experience..... the guy on reception has a real attitude problem and that is probably why the place was as empty as it was! He really does have a problem....it is clearly deep rooted....it seems he hates his job...best advice move on!!! On entry I asked how many guys were in and was told that for security reasons he could not say! me thinks he has been watching too many Bond movies or actually he probably did not want to disclose for fear of embarrassment. It was a Saturday evening and 2 guys were in! I was in for 2 hours waiting and waiting and still no one! The other guys told me that they were regulrs and did not pay but simply made up the numbers. Don't waste your time or money at this shit hole!!

reviewed on Jul 25, 2015
Dan30 posted a comment.

Had a great time on my first few visits. Lots of nice guys in attendance though some were a little pushy. Facilities varied & clean though lube & condoms could be hard to find at times. Not very busy during the day but recomended time to visit for 1st timers (ease yourself in get acclimtized) Overall a great sauna to which i'll be returning to today :)

reviewed on Nov 26, 2013
terry posted a comment.

on 3/3201 on leaving, I apparently annoyed the owner on the front desk by making the mistake of handing my towel back with my key instead of leaving it in the changing area. He reached out from his desk, grabbed the door and slammed it violently into the back of me as I left. When I pursued him about this later by phone he admitted that his cctv had, in fact, shown him slamming the door into me but I 'had not been hit' which was bizarre nonsense. I was almost knocked over by the force, the shock and pain causing me to swear out loud involuntarily. He subsequently tried to manipulate this to his advantage to excuse his consequent behaviour of running after me and threatening me further, saying that I had called him a 'f*cking b*stard', which was totally untrue, I do not call people profane names and cctv material of the incident would clearly show that. This person showed no remorse for his bizarre aggressive, violent behaviour and indeed was actually quite defiant. Even his staff were too intimidated of him to tell me his name over the phone, despite my explaining it was a customer complaint. He himself, when I asked him his name on the phone, still avoided telling me. My concern is that other people are protected from similar bizarre incidents occurring to them at the hands of the owner of this business. You will see numerous business statements hype on the W3 website, selling itself as a 'safe place'...where 'first timers, gay and bisexual man can relax'. My experience was the opposite of that. Of a bizarre unstable and unsafe environment. There are other saunas in Blackpool, which I also tried out and found them to be safe, civil, and good service, exactly what W3 promotes on its website, but in my experience, definitely did not deliver.

reviewed on Jul 12, 2013
James posted a comment.

Located at the Tower end of Charles St, north east of the Tower near Talbot Rd. Discreet entrance- signage - W3 above the door.

Very very clean, new jacuzzi on the sun patio,ans places to sunbathe too.
Excellent steam room and good sized sauna.Showers quite intimate.
Comfortable tv lounge...

Team running it check on the cleanliness all the time..

Highly recommended... a first class sauna

reviewed on Jun 23, 2013